600M Electric Dog Training Collar Light Waterproof Rechargeable Pet Anti Bark Control Collar Electric Shocker Camouflaged Color

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The 600M Dog Training Collar. With a range of 600 meters, waterproof design, rechargeable capabilities, and an anti-bark feature, this collar is a comprehensive solution for guiding behavior and addressing barking tendencies. In a camouflage color, this collar offers functionality with a touch of style.

  • Effective Training through Multi-Functionality
    The 600M Electric Dog Training Collar combines remote training with anti-bark control, offering a dual approach to cultivating obedience. With adjustable static shock levels, vibration, and sound modes, you can effectively communicate commands and curb unwanted behaviors. Tailor the collar’s response to match your pet’s needs and temperament.
  • Versatile Training with Waterproof Design
    Whether you’re working on commands indoors or exploring the outdoors, the waterproof design ensures that training remains consistent regardless of weather conditions. Rain or shine, you can confidently guide behavior without interruption. The remote control extends your reach, allowing you to maintain control from a distance.
  • Rechargeable Convenience for Continuous Training
    The rechargeable collar ensures that you’re always ready for training sessions. Say goodbye to the hassle of disposable batteries and enjoy the eco-friendly benefits of rechargeability. This feature ensures uninterrupted training and makes the collar an eco-conscious choice.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
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    As Pictures Show

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    3 reviews for 600M Electric Dog Training Collar Light Waterproof Rechargeable Pet Anti Bark Control Collar Electric Shocker Camouflaged Color

    1. NN

      We have an 8 month old Coonhound and she is crazy! We were having a hard time being able to keep her in our yard without taking off, our yard is not fenced in. This shock collar helped so much with getting her to stay in the yard, we almost never have to shock her and use the vibration or the beep as we call her name and she comes. Sometimes when we put it on her we don’t even have to use the remote because she knows that it’s on and is afraid of what will happen to her if she does take off. I like the fact that it’s waterproof, the remote is small and easy to use. I like the lock feature and the fact that it come with a lanyard and batteries for both the collar and remote. I had a few others I was looking at and this one was the right in the budget of what I was looking to spend. I also like the fact that the range is 1600 feet. I would recommend this to anyone who is having a hard time training their dog because it works!

    2. LindA

      It fits my 7 lb dog well. Its easy to use. Works well I am very pleased with it. Battery life is good and sound quality is good. Since I started using it my dog does so. much better. I had to zap her once maybe twice on low number now every once in awhile I hit beep or vibrate and she stops and comes.

    3. Dreama

      Our baby boy is a mostly well behaved 7 month old 70 lb. Belgian Malinois. We have been having some issues with him playing a little to rough with our 2 year old 10 lb. Norfolk Terrier. So after having to constantly remind him to chill and leave her alone I noticed she started to become a little withdrawn and not want to come out of her create in fear of his rough housing and I had become tired of the constant reminding to leave her alone.
      Our daughter bought 2 of these collars for her dogs and said they worked amazingly for her needs. So I decided to try out this collar for myself and in the first 5 minutes of having it on him and only having to use the shock button once, he has now learned to stop all rough housing with just the one little warning beep of his collar. I am so happy to report that by the end of the day they were sharing my recliner. Not that happy they were on my furniture but that they were actually sitting together and he was being calm. This collar has put peace back into our home and it only took one afternoon. All in all this product was easy set up, easy instructions, reasonably priced and worked a lot faster then I ever expected. I would recommend this product to all.

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