1000FT Dog Training Collar IP67 Waterproof Rechargeable Electric Remote Shock Vibration Sound Bark Stop Collar

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The 1000FT Pet Dog Training Collar. Designed with a 1000-foot range, IP67 waterproof rating, and versatile training modes including shock, vibration, sound, and bark stop, this collar is a comprehensive tool to create a well-behaved and happy pet.

  • Clear Communication Through Customized Modes
    Communication is key to effective training. With the 1000FT Pet Dog Training Collar, you can choose from a range of modes to suit your pet’s responsiveness and needs. Tailor your approach with sound, vibration, or shock, adapting the intensity to achieve the desired results. The bark stop feature ensures a quieter environment by addressing unwanted barking behavior.
  • Adaptable Training in Any Environment
    Whether you’re working on outdoor commands or addressing indoor behavior, the 1000FT range gives you the flexibility to train your pet in various settings. This collar’s waterproof design ensures that training is not limited by weather or water activities. Take control and foster obedience in any scenario.
  • Reliable Durability, Lasting Comfort
    Quality and comfort go hand in hand. The IP67 waterproof rating guarantees that this collar is for whatever adventures your pet embarks on. The rechargeable battery adds to its convenience and eco-friendliness. Plus, the collar is designed to be comfortable for your pet, enabling extended training sessions without discomfort.

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    Dog, Cat
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    6 reviews for 1000FT Dog Training Collar IP67 Waterproof Rechargeable Electric Remote Shock Vibration Sound Bark Stop Collar

    1. N***r

      Great product, no need for the electric shock function, the dog responds great to the sound and vibration.

    2. Paul

      An excellent product, the handset and collar are easy to use.
      The collar is heavy duty nylon with the training unit being solid and waterproof, the handset is light and functional and easy to carry. I’ve only charged the batteries once and both units are still fully functional after 4 days.
      The sound from the unit is well measured and adjustable, it stopped our dog Immediately from barking and digging and now I only have to put the collar on him and he stops any naughtiness.

    3. Mari

      By far the best collar I’ve ever used. I had one before that just went based off if my dog barked but I like being able to control this 10000%. I dont even need to use the shock because just he combination of the sound and vibration is enough to stop my dog. I use the slight shock for when he’s biting too hard but the thing is it also isn’t like a typical shock collar, it’s more of those fake gum toys we had growing up that give your fingers or hands a tingle when you pull it and it feels super weird but it doesn’t necessarily hurt? Thats exactly what the shock is and again I BARELY have to use it.

    4. CA Fan

      We own a 90lb German Shephard and consequently were a little skeptical. The product does exactly what you’d hope it would do. Haven’t needed to use the shock portion of the collar because the vibration or audible sound did it’s job. Word of caution if you want to see how effective the shock is make sure to set it on 1. It will definitely get your attention. A couple of our neighbors have since bought the same collar with similar results. Would easily recommend this product.

    5. Luv

      This collar was exactly what I was looking for. Slim, easy to set up, easy to use. I especially liked the video that Amazon had before I purchased this which helped make my decision to buy. I thought ok, I can do that. And I did. The collar isn’t bulky or heavy. My dog is 25lbs and he seems to be fine with it. The remote is slim in design with rubber buttons. Unlike some other brands or models I’ve seen that just seem cumbersome to me and awkward to hold. You have three features. Beep, vibrate, and shock (with several levels starting at one)
      It has conductors that you screw onto the base. Personally I took them off because the beep noise was enough to deter my pup from running into the street to greet any and every walker. I noticed the vibrate mode also worked without the conductor. So something good to know. I just tried it in my hand. But again, the beeping noise was good enough for my dog. I think this is an incredible tool for training. And a very helpful way to keep your dog safe without screening NO all the time and expecting them to understand. I just couldn’t believe how quick this worked. Every dog is different so I think you have to start with beeps, try it for a while with rewards. If that doesn’t work then move to vibrate, and then if that doesn’t work move to the shock and of course at the lowest level (1) and move your way up. I highly recommend this model to any apprehensive dog parent. It’s a really good one.

    6. ACU

      The battery lasts forever. I’ve only charged it once since I got it. I only use it about 30 minutes at a time on our walks. We prefer to walk off leash as to allow our dogs to get all their smells in. It helps tire them out quicker if they’re off leash. I’ve never resorted to using the shock feature. The sound effect works effectively. If the dog does not respond to the audible cue, the vibration on the lowest setting usually works. You can also increase the vibration intensity from the remote. I also like that there’s a shock button safety feature as to not accidentally shock them. Lastly, the vibration setting is adjustable from soft to vigorous. All of this is similar to the vibration intensity of a cell phone for context – it doesn’t hurt your dog and can be adjusted to a very soft sensation. Admittedly my dogs are 75-100lbs so on the bigger side… there was one time I had to increase the intensity level to 5 (out of 10). My dog responded well and returned however after that i have not had to turn it back up over level 1 in the last month or two. The slow blinking light indicates it’s on and can help identify your dog in the dark but it’s nice because it’s not too bright nore it’s it a constant blinking feature. I think it looks cool. It’s been pretty durable thus far. No issues here. My dogs use it in the rain no problem here either.

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