500M Pet Training Collar Remote Trainer Barking Stop Training Electric Shock Beep Vibrate Training Discharge

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This Pet Training Collar can fit small, medium and large dogs. 15 lbs or Larger. Adjustable Collar ranging from 7-23cm, Nylon collars prevent skin irritation in dogs.

  • 5 levels of customization for Static Shock & Vibration and a standard Tone Mode, and you are advised to try levels gradually to find the proper one when using this pet training system for the first time.
  • It will help you to control and train your dog in effective range by a series of functions, including beep, vibration and shock ,LED light modes. With its remote design, you can remote bark stopping, running about correction, easy calling back, biting and fighting.
  • Fully waterproof design: the receiver has a super waterproof performance, so your pet can swim or walk in the rain with it. Remote range up to 500m, so you can easily train your pet wherever you are! Our transmitter and waterproof collars are rechargeable.

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    6 reviews for 500M Pet Training Collar Remote Trainer Barking Stop Training Electric Shock Beep Vibrate Training Discharge

    1. Andrew

      My dog would bark incessantly every time someone walked past the end of the garden, it was so annoying – but this collar worked immediately. It is also helpful that the vibration and sound levels can be adjusted as required and its easy to use. Great product worth the investment.

    2. EL M

      Snoopy is a Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen, his breed are very head strong and once his prey drive kicks in it’s impossible to recall him, so training collar is an important backup in case he gets off his leash. Hes 18 months now and this is the 3rd type of collar we’ve bought from Amazon. The first was ok, didn’t always beep when we pressed the button, snoopy chewed the remote, after we’d left it within reach one night.
      The second was pretty good but the remote fell out of my pocket on a hike, never to be seen again, so here we are in our 3rd collar.

      First of all, this feels far superior in terms of quality, the collar and remote, than other makes we’ve tried.

      One thing I really love about this collar is the beeper, this is the first collar I’ve seen with makes different tones, at different frequencies and different volumes, this is awesome. Some of the tones are very high frequency, more akin to a dog whistle, others are lower frequency but seem louder. Snoopy responds differently to the different tones but comes straight back to me.

    3. Betty

      I purchased this training aid a few months back, but I was reluctant to try it. I wanted to be able to take my dog outside without a leash, yet have him stay in our yard. The instructions said the dog should know some basic commands before trying this unit. I worked with him to come, sit, and stay, then I procrastinated a little longer as he is easily distracted when outside especially if our neighbor children next door are outside.
      I waited until one day when the neighbors were gone, and took Bentley outside with the collar on number 4. The first thing he did was run toward the neighbors yard even though no one was home. I pressed the vibration button once and called his name. He immediately turned and returned to my side. I was amazed. We walked the entire yard trying the same thing in the front yard near the road with the same response. This was 2 weeks ago. I don’t even need to put the collar on any more as he responds to my commands. Never used the shock or the tone buttons. Wish I had tried it sooner.

    4. Rachael

      I’m not a huge fan of shock collars. My dog (love her to pieces) is just hard headed and is too busy outside to come in when called. This works perfectly. On it goes when she goes out. She’s learned that after the beep, the vibration comes, then if she’s really stubborn something less pleasant. I’ve only had to do it maybe twice. Now I grab the remote and show her, she comes right up to the door. Sounds or warning not even needed most days. They are smart. Some just need a nudge. My Lovely lady was getting us into trouble not coming into the house. This was the only way to avoid doggy jail. Product is great.

    5. Andrea

      This collar seems to work pretty well. I have a very hard headed loud 5 month old puppy. He barks and growls at person and their dogs as well. I was scared that he was going to ignore it after the first couple of times. Surprisingly, I have not had to use the shock on him yet. Just the vibration and only at like 6. I don’t know about the 4 training modes. I haven’t tried those out yet. So, far I am very pleased. I would recommend to others to purchase as well.

    6. GD

      Light weight, adjustable, easy to use, 1 remote can be used for multiple dogs, has a lock feature and is rechargeable ! Love all the features that come with this! Finally found something that works great for my stubborn dog. Rarely have to use the shock button the sounds and the vibration alone has my dog listening. Highly recommend especially if your taining your pup who like to get into everything.

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