Dog Shock Collar – 3300Ft Dog Training Collar with Remote for 5-120lbs Small Medium Large Dogs Rechargeable Waterproof e Collar with Beep (1-8), Vibration(1-16), Safe Shock(1-99)

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This Dog Shock Collar with remote gives you the possibility to educate your fur friend by using either beep, vibration and shock mode. In fact, most dogs react so well to the beep and vibration modes. Therefore, if your four-legged friend stops with only a beep and vibration, you can avoid using the shock mode.

  • Humane and Safe, Eliminate Bad Behavior Effectively: Our Dog shock collar features 3 humane training modes with adjustable beep(1-8 levels), vibration(1-16 levels), safe shock(1-99 levels). So it helps your unruly and hard-headed dogs learn to be a better part of your household.
  • Extended 3300FT Range: Our Dog Training Collar covers up to 3300Ft allowing your pet to roam farther. With dual-channel, so it is perfect to train 2 dogs simultaneously outdoor at distances up to 3/4 mile.
  • Fits for All Sizes of Dogs 5-120lbs: Our training collar for dogs is ideal to control dogs as small as 5 pounds and as big as 120 pounds. Therefore, instant response security on/off switch button allows you to carry it without any fear of accidental touch.
  • IP67 Waterproof Receiver: Our electric dog collar can be used in any weather and any condition thanks to the IP67 waterproof design of the receiver (You’ll have to keep the remote control away from water).
  • Incredible Battery Life: Our e collar for dogs training has a decent battery life and the receiver’s battery can last for up to 15 days in working modes while the remote for over 1 month, so the long battery runtime is a true lifesaver on those camping or tailgating weekends.

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    7 reviews for Dog Shock Collar – 3300Ft Dog Training Collar with Remote for 5-120lbs Small Medium Large Dogs Rechargeable Waterproof e Collar with Beep (1-8), Vibration(1-16), Safe Shock(1-99)

    1. Susan

      I really love how easy it is to operate!
      Doesn’t hurt the dog on vibration mode but sure helps with training!!!!

    2. Mela

      Bought these for my two dogs for training.
      I haven’t set it up for shock, just using the beep and vibrate and they work great. Love that it’s one remote for both collars. Not chunky on the dogs and love that there is different levels for how the dogs respond.

    3. Paul

      Right from the start, this collar impressed me with its user-friendly design. The remote controller is intuitive to use, featuring clear buttons and a well-lit display, which is especially handy during nighttime training sessions. The collar itself is made from durable materials and offers a comfortable fit for my dog, ensuring that she remains at ease throughout the training process.

      What truly sets this collar apart is its range of training modes and adjustable intensity levels. The collar offers a variety of stimulation options, including static, vibration, and beep modes, allowing me to choose the most appropriate method for my dog’s training needs. The adjustable intensity levels ensure that I can find the right balance between correction and comfort, tailoring the training experience to suit my dog’s temperament.

      Most importantly, this Dog Training Collar has delivered noticeable results in my dog’s behavior. From addressing excessive barking to teaching basic commands, the collar’s effective training modes have helped my dog understand commands and boundaries more clearly. This has led to a significant improvement in her overall behavior, making our interactions smoother and more enjoyable.

      In conclusion, this Dog Training Collar lives up to its reputation as an effective training tool for dogs. Its user-friendly design, versatile training modes, adjustable intensity levels, and impressive range make it a valuable asset for any dog owner seeking to improve their canine companion’s behavior. With this training collar, I’ve witnessed positive changes in my dog’s behavior, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to fellow dog owners looking for a reliable training solution.

    4. JD

      I have a small dog who was extremely defiant and disconnected from attachment. In addition, she was aggressive (biting regularly) and destructive. It seemed hopeless. Vet was concerned about her behavior. Trainer was quite frustrated. I was ready to rehome her but knew it would not end well for her, and I feared her being placed in a home with children.

      All this changed within hours of getting this collar! I rarely have to use more than the beep, occasionally the vibrate, very rarely the shock. Her behavior has changed to a normal, very active little dog. In fact, she has now bonded to me, which is something I never thought this collar could help develop. Because of this collar, my little dog has a loving home.

    5. Wodicka

      I would definitely highly recommend the training collar The price was cheap but it works excellent I thought it would be junk but it’s not

    6. Seta

      My dog is a 1.5 yr old Great Pyrenees mix about 85lbs , I adopted him about 3 months ago and he’s very sweet good boy until we encounter any other dogs on walks. He looses his marbles and try’s to attack every dog big small near us or across the street. We avoid peak dog walking times and do bigger walks late at night to avoid confrontation. My arms, elbows and fingers get little injuries weekly trying to hold him back from attacking other dogs… needless to say walk are embarrassing and exhausting!
      In about 3 days every thing has changed using only beep and mostly vibrate mode. It really diffuses the situation and gets his attention. Today we encountered a dog around the corner and he actually ran back towards me away from other dog, another dog he saw ignored then that dog showed aggression to him and he started to charge at it I just said leave it and he kept going, we can walk by other big dogs across street and did not even react at all where before I had to say leave it over n over and use all my strength to hold him back .
      Battery seems to last a long time, the collar actually looks nicer in person than it does in the photos. Enjoying happier more confident walks with my big sweet boy now 🙂

    7. Angel

      The shock color is waterproof and does work. I like that I can charge it with a USB charger. I have a medium-sized dog, all the way. All beeps, vibrations, and shockers all work as expected. Great training tool. Our dog hears the beeps and he knows to stop what he is doing. Dont have to shock very often. They learn quickly. Long battery life.

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