Pet Dog Training Collar 800M Remote Beep Shock Vibration Rechargeable Waterproof 3 Dogs Pet Trainer Anti Bark Stop Drop Shipping

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Unlock the potential of effective pet training with the Pet Dog Training Collar—an advanced tool designed to enhance communication between you and your canine companions. With a comprehensive range of features including beep, shock, and vibration modes, this rechargeable and waterproof collar empowers you to shape behavior, curb barking, and reinforce commands with utmost precision.

  • Precision Training at Your Fingertips
    Experience the power of positive reinforcement and guidance with the 800M Remote Pet Dog Training Collar. With a generous range of up to 800 meters, you’ll have the means to effectively communicate with your pet across various environments. Whether you’re reinforcing basic obedience commands or addressing specific behavioral issues, the combination of beep, shock, and vibration modes provides a comprehensive toolkit for personalized training.
  • Rechargeable and Reliable
    Say goodbye to the hassle of disposable batteries. Our training collar has a rechargeable battery that ensures uninterrupted training sessions. The collar and remote can be easily charged, keeping you ready to tackle training challenges without interruption. Whether you have a single pet or multiple dogs to train, our training collar adapts to your needs.!
  • Durable Design for All Conditions
    The waterproof design ensures that your training sessions are not limited by weather conditions or water-related activities. The collar’s durability and reliability make it a trusted companion in your journey to cultivate a well-behaved and obedient pet.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
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    As Pictures Show

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    3 reviews for Pet Dog Training Collar 800M Remote Beep Shock Vibration Rechargeable Waterproof 3 Dogs Pet Trainer Anti Bark Stop Drop Shipping

    1. J***n

      Everything correct without problems

    2. Kendle

      Needed it for the 3 year old male and 9 month female. The 2 year old is a saint by their standards 😂. The male & pup struggled with focus. We only had to shock either of them once. The vibration seriously got their attention. For the most part, now we only use the beep. They still get distracted out in the woods, so we do still occasionally use it. We love the range with the hills and dales, and that they can run through streams or take a swim and we’ve never had a problem. I highly recommend this collar. Very impressed with these 2 collars. We tried more expensive collars that have not held up. You’ll love the results you get with these

    3. Morgan

      I was very against these types of collars until I exhausted everything else with my pup.
      I tried it on myself first, it feels like a tins unit, not a shock. Not to say it’s not effective, it doesn’t feel good and it certainly will grab their attention. I’m sure I’d you needed to you could level up, I think there are 15 levels. My dog did yelp the first time, but I truly don’t think it hurts. I tried it up to a 7 on myself, and I keep the dog’s at 3. She responds well and we are learning much more quickly. After only a few days, my escape artist stays within the yard! I don’t really shock her anymore, she responds just fine to the vibration now.
      Also, I haven’t had to charge either the collar or the controller yet. It’s been a few days and it still has quite a bit of charge left

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