2 in 1 Dog Pet Training Collar & Automatic Anti Bark Collar Bark Stop 550M Remote Control Shock Vibration Sound Trainer Collar

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The 2-in-1 Pet Training Collar and Automatic Anti-Bark Collar. This versatile and comprehensive collar combines the features of a remote training collar with an automatic anti-bark collar, offering remote control, shock, vibration, sound modes, and a remarkable range of 550 meters. Say goodbye to excessive barking and hello to a harmonious partnership with your four-legged friend.

  • Customized Training and Anti-Bark Control in One
    Experience the best of both worlds with this 2-in-1 Pet Training Collar. You can switch seamlessly between remote training and automatic anti-bark modes, allowing you to address behaviors, reinforce commands, and curb excessive barking—all within a single collar.
  • Effective Communication through Shock, Vibration, and Sound
    Choose from multiple training modes, including shock, vibration, and sound, to match your training goals and your pet’s temperament. Customize the intensity levels for precise communication and behavior reinforcement.
  • 550-Meter Range for Versatile Training
    With a remarkable 550-meter range, this collar offers the flexibility to train your pet both indoors and outdoors. Whether you’re working on commands in the park or addressing barking at home, this collar provides reliable and effective communication.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
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    As Pictures Show

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    3 reviews for 2 in 1 Dog Pet Training Collar & Automatic Anti Bark Collar Bark Stop 550M Remote Control Shock Vibration Sound Trainer Collar

    1. Sophia Cundiff

      My golden was always running away from us thinking it was a game, biting on furniture, base boards, snipping at my cats. it’s literally been less than 12 hours since i got this collar and he is a new dog. i can walk out back with him without a leash and he listens very well when i call for him now. i started off verbally saying something to him while tapping the beep once and then holding the vibration button for about 1.5 seconds. i would try to really encourage to not use the shock unless i had to and he listened quick after i did have to use the shock.

    2. jteament

      I needed this collar to keep my dog from running off when she would see something like a deer. She would not listen to anything from me. She would then get lost. That’s how we ended up adopting her from the pound, I’m sure.
      I started off calling her and following up with the vibration and it worked instantly. I then went to the tone, followed by the vibration. Finally, l can just call her and very very seldom even have to use the tone. Soon, I hope to not have to use this device at all. I believe it has successfully aided in training my dog to listen and not running off, just to find herself lost. It may very well have aided in saving her life.

    3. L. Brown

      Ok we love this collar! We bought two of them, both for our Golden Retrievers. One 6 years old and set in her ways and one 9 months old. We initially got these to stop our dogs from eating mulch. While it doesn’t always stop them from doing that, I still love this collar. For us, we find it works great for our puppy. He responds so much better to it and it really helps to keep him in check. Our older golden is more set in her ways and she powers through the vibrations and beeps. It holds a charge all day, and then only takes like an hour to charge. It works especially well when we have company over to sort of better control the jumping on people when they walk through the door. But we have our puppy crated upstairs when company is over, and he barks constantly. But this control works from downstairs and keeps him from barking, again just with the vibrate and beeps. The only thing I would say, is the rubber prong covers do slip off occasionally after the dogs rough house together. So maybe including several extra in the order would be nice. But this company also sells extra on amazon, which is nice too. I highly recommend these collars and would be again, especially for the price!

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