1000M Electric Training Collar IP67 Waterproof Rechargeable Remote Control Up to 3 Dogs E Collar Professional Trainer

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The 1000M Electric Training Collar—an advanced tool designed for both pet owners and professional trainers. With a remarkable range of 1000 meters, IP67 waterproof rating, and the ability to control up to 3 dogs simultaneously, this rechargeable remote training collar empowers you to foster obedience, enhance behavior, and strengthen the bond between you and your furry companions.

  • Precision Training Through Customizable Modes
    Communication is the heart of training. With the 1000M Electric Pet Dog Training Collar, you wield the power to choose from an array of training modes, including sound, vibration, and shock, each with adjustable intensity levels. This comprehensive toolkit ensures that you can tailor your approach to match your pet’s temperament and training goals, all while promoting their well-being.
  • Adaptable Training in All Environments
    From open spaces to confined areas, this training collar’s 1000-meter range provides the flexibility to train your pets under various conditions. Rain or shine, the IP67 waterproof rating guarantees that training won’t be hindered by water-related activities. Take control and guide behavior with ease, no matter where your training sessions take place.
  • Reliability and Comfort for Professional Results
    Crafted for both convenience and performance, the 1000M Electric Pet Dog Training Collar is equipped with a rechargeable battery and designed for long-lasting comfort during extended training sessions. Its capacity to manage up to 3 dogs from a single remote makes it a powerful tool for professional trainers and multi-pet households alike.

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    Dog, Cat
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    As Pictures Show

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    7 reviews for 1000M Electric Training Collar IP67 Waterproof Rechargeable Remote Control Up to 3 Dogs E Collar Professional Trainer

    1. v

      This product is great you don’t even have to use the shock part unless you just have a disobedient bad disobedient dog or whatever animal you’re using this on or if you’re kinky your girlfriend but anyway very great product we never had to use the shock part and basically all I have to do now is pick up the remote and the dog knows they better stop when it’s doing it’s stopping from getting in the trash stopped him from barking jumping doing all the unnecessary stuff that dogs do highly recommend.

    2. Kathe Navarro

      I wish I bought this sooner! I have a mixed large breed and I thought I didn’t have to use the shock on her because she can be skittish with loud noises, but the shock has been a life saver, especially at the dog park. I have not used the shock on anything above 30%, but it works like a charm.

    3. Hydrosteve

      Best purchase I’ve made in years!! I’ve been using this collar for weeks now and battery life is amazing. My dog is just 6months old and with using the features of this collar I’ve got a dog working in the field finding and retrieving game birds. You can adjust the vibration and tone level from 1-10 and the shock feature goes from 1-100 with an addition 10% with second button. I run mine at 30-50% depending on how stubborn my dog is that day. It’s worked wonders in my dogs progress both in the field and at home. I can buzz her while inside to help set boundaries as I do outside with her where I have no fence. I have yet to have had to recharge what came in the box and distance seems good for controls. More to come as we venture out further.

    4. Tina

      I was skeptical as I have only had ONE purchase of these work for over a year. But I badly needed one as my pup has grown to the teen year… and this one is wonderful! The shock was light but enough to grab attention and now all I have to do is use the beep button and he is good and by my side. The battery life is amazing! Every 4 days I charge and it’s been absolutely perfect! Well worth it and would highly recommend!!!

    5. Sporsa

      I have a Parson Russell terrier puppy which is quite a challenge! She definitely has a mind of her own, and eventho she knows commands, she tends to do as she pleases when it suits her. We live on a farm and she has alot of area to romp and play. I was constantly having to yell at her and chase her down. I never thought I wanted a shock collar; however, once I decided to get one it has been the best decision i have made. This collar has changed my puppy’s behavior and my sanity. It is so easy to use. I like that it is waterproof and it is durable. I works great and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to enhance their ability to train a dog without always having the dog on a leash. She is finally associated the tone with “listen to mom” and I rarely have to use the vibration or shock anymore. I totally recommend this collar to anyone training a puppy or a dog.

    6. Felica

      I was looking for a rechargeable electronic dog training collar that was lightweight and didn’t cost as much as some, well, I found this line of collars and I think they are great for short or thin haired dogs. A lot of collars are just too big for the smaller breeds but not the Bousnic. It even comes in cute colors! The collars ( I have now ordered multiple) are good quality and are easy to operate. As a professional dog trainer, these are important factors to me. I do use other brands for my working dogs but for pets and their owners, these are great. Everyone is watching their money these days and these collars are very reliable for communication with a dog and so nicely priced. The transmitter is easy to operate with clear buttons. Very pleased so far with the dog training

    7. Bia

      Remote was super easy to set the settings and get just right, no issue there. Color orange is easy to see from a distance. My dog is literally nano sized, he is 10 and only 7lbs and this collar fits him perfectly. The description had all the right details for me to pick it appropriately, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. My dog is a minpin so he’s very spazzy and loud, and we have a baby a few months old. This collar definitely keeps the dog in check which was the goal. I can’t have him barking when a delivery truck comes down the street and he gets a fair warning. The beep and vibrate alone is just enough, but I have needed to leverage the shock a couple times being that he’s an escape artist if he sees the opportunity to run off into the street. The collar is consistent and always works. Has great battery life too.

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