No Shock Training Collar No Prongs Waterproof Humane Vibration Pet Collar for Dogs Rechargeable Up to 1600Ft Remote Range

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Product details:

The No Shock Dog Training Collar. Engineered to prioritize your pet’s well-being, this collar combines vibration technology with a waterproof design and a generous remote range of up to 1600 feet. Elevate your training experience while fostering a strong bond between you and your furry companion.

  • Gentle Communication through Vibration
    Gone are the days of traditional shock-based training methods. The No Shock Dog Training Collar employs gentle vibration as a means of communication, ensuring that your pet responds to cues without distress. This humane approach maintains your pet’s comfort while guiding them toward better behavior.
  • Waterproof Reliability for Any Setting
    Training doesn’t stop when the weather takes a turn. The waterproof design of this collar allows for seamless training sessions rain or shine. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a romp in the rain, or a stroll through dew-covered grass, this collar is built to withstand the elements.
  • Empowerment Through Distance
    With a remote range of up to 1600 feet, this training collar provides the freedom to engage with your pet in various environments. Reinforce commands, curb unwanted behaviors, and cultivate obedience even from a distance. The convenience of a remote control ensures that your training efforts are both effective and adaptable to different situations.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
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    As Pictures Show

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    3 reviews for No Shock Training Collar No Prongs Waterproof Humane Vibration Pet Collar for Dogs Rechargeable Up to 1600Ft Remote Range

    1. Powers

      We have a cat that moved in with us a couple months ago. She can be aggressive with us but is extremely aggressive towards other cats. If they just enter the room she would start hissing and chase them. Biting and clawing until they find a way to get away from her or we knock her into next week. Another issue we have ran into is she is a cable chewer. Preference being the silicon like plastic that often comes on cables so we have been buying the nylon wrapped ones wherever we can.

      Prior to the collar we got to a point where she would run and hide if we even came in the room while she was having a fit. So she learned to fear us as she knew this was a negative action as this point but only stopped when we approached.

      So I resorted to instructional collars. This was actually our third try. Our first 2 were not that great and the only feature that would continue to get her attention on the previous training collars was a low setting of shock. Which to note on those previous collars was a TERRIFING experience for humans and cat…

      She has been very responsive to the sound and the vibrate functions of this collar! To the point we actually just took the shock probes off since we wont really be needing them!
      The noise is decently loud and the vibrate function is strong enough to move the device on a table by itself! We didn’t find ether of those being effective on previous devices.

      Keep anyone getting these keep in mind for extended usage make sure 2 fingers comfortably fit between the device and the pets skin. Place your fingers flat on the back of the device between the probes. If you cant just slip your fingers between the device and your pets skin then its to tight. They need to breath, eat, and swallow still.

    2. Grace

      I have one dog, but having two collars allows me to switch off and charge one while using the other. You simply flip the switch from number “1” to “2” or vice versa to use collar 1 or 2.

      I’m not sure exactly how long the charges last, but they both came fully charged and I only plugged them in to charge after a few days of using; not because the batteries died, but because I didn’t want the batteries to die.

      These collars have a nice, loud “beep”, which is really the only button I use. I’ve trained my dog to come and to also get her attention, as needed. This has allowed me to control her so she doesn’t chase squirrels and also allowing her to enjoy our large unfenced property.

      The nylon collar, and the plastic controller and electric box on the collar, are all well-made.

      I cut the extra length off of the collar and used a lighter to melt and seal the end so it doesn’t fray. It has held up perfectly.

      This performs extremely well. It is said to be waterproof, which is appreciated because it will be getting wet when it rains or snows. I’ve not had it in the rain yet, but I’m not concerned about it seeing how well it has worked so far.

      Absolutely recommend. These have been awesome to use and have proved to be dependable.

    3. Chasidy

      We have two dogs a boxer mix puppy weighing about 35-40 Lbs and and a yorkipoo weighing 10-15 Lbs. We live in an area with woods surrounding us occasionally the dogs would dart off through the woods to the creek compleatly ignoring commands and attempts to call them back home. They would return back home when THEY wanted, chichi was unacceptable. We used stationary leads which either broke, or became tangled and an overall headache. I began looking and researching different brands which did not provide the appropriate attention getter shock we needed when the vibration or tone failed on a distracted darting dog. A friend recommended this collar after having similar issues with their fur babies. I ordered one collar and I have only had to use the shock once or twice now it has taught our dog to stay around us while we are working outside and my daughter can play in the yard with them with out having to worry about them running off. Usually the tone works to get their attention when they began to stray, if it doesn’t they get the vibration, and quickly return. Having separate shock and vibration level feature levels comes in handy the shock setting is no joke (tried it on hand prior to putting it on the dog and even on low level 4-5 will get your attention). The collar being waterproof is a huge plus, the battery on the collar and remote last so far also. I plan to order another collar for our other dog. The capability of the remote to control two dog collars at once is another huge plus. Thus far I am extremely pleased and impressed with this product and highly recommend it.

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