No Prongs Training Collar No Shock Dog Training Collar Waterproof Humane Vibration Collar for Dogs Rechargeable Up to 1600Ft Remote Range

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The No Prongs Training Collar. Crafted to prioritize your pet’s well-being, this collar utilizes humane vibration technology for communication. With a waterproof design, up to 1600 feet remote range, and 10 adjustable vibration levels, you have the tools to foster obedience and strengthen the bond between you and your furry companion.

  • Gentle Communication Through Vibration
    Say goodbye to traditional shock methods. The No Shock Dog Training Collar employs vibrations to communicate with your pet, ensuring a gentle yet effective approach to training. This humane method helps guide behavior without causing discomfort, enhancing your pet’s learning experience.

  • Adaptable Training in Any Environment
    Whether you’re teaching commands indoors or exploring the outdoors, the 1600-foot remote range ensures that communication remains strong. Rain or shine, the waterproof design ensures that training remains consistent, no matter the weather conditions. Maintain control and promote positive behavior without interruption.
  • Customized Training for Individual Needs
    With 10 adjustable vibration levels, you have the flexibility to tailor the collar’s response to your pet’s sensitivity. This customizable feature enables you to find the perfect balance between effective communication and your pet’s comfort. Enhance their understanding of commands while nurturing their well-being.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
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    6 reviews for No Prongs Training Collar No Shock Dog Training Collar Waterproof Humane Vibration Collar for Dogs Rechargeable Up to 1600Ft Remote Range

    1. Catherine

      After my $200.00 shock collar finally gave up the ghost, I decided to buy this more reasonable collar. It’s very easy to use, with shock, vibrate and sound. You can use all 3 or, 2 or just 1. It can be adjusted from 1 to 100. People laugh when I take my pit/lab for a walk, as it’s usually him walking me, and I’m trying to keep up. With this collar, I have it set for sound only, and when he pulls too hard, I can hit the button, and he slows up immediately. My only complaint, is, I would have liked it better if the command module had a clip on it, so you could clip to your jacket, instead of having to carry in your hand. So far this is well worth it’s price. Don’t hesitate!!

    2. Keh

      I have two dogs that love to swim in the lake. They love to fetch their swimming toys but sometimes they get a little excited and they argue. The training collar works absolutely perfect I usually only have to use the sound and nothing else. One of the dogs has short hair, a beagle and the other has long hair, a Belgian Malinois. The Spring Sheet works great on the Malinois. Just using the sound on the collar device keeps them from barking and getting too excited. I have tried other collars that say they are water resistance but they never lasted long and they quit working after a few times being exposed to water,, this one absolutely works perfect I have had it for almost 4 weeks and I take my dog swimming at least 5 to 7 days a week, they play in the water for at least a half an hour on each visit to the lake. I have read other reviews on other water resistant collars and they say that they quit working after a few times because water gets in the connecting Point. Before I ever used my collars on my dogs I put gorilla tape over the Connecting Point to hold the little cover on tight. So far the collars are working perfect and the charge of the collar seems to be great I have not had to charge them since I charged it when I first got it. I put the collars on when we get to the lake and I take them off when they are in the car and done swimming. I am absolutely thrilled with this product it works perfect in every way I highly recommend it to anybody who likes to take their dog swimming. I do recommend putting some kind of tape to keep water out of the Connecting Point. Great great product.

    3. Karen

      Smartest thing I bought to keep my pup safe. I’ve never turned the level up above 1 (it goes all the way up to 99!) yet he responded immediately. I tried on my inner wrist before ever using it on him. It didn’t hurt at all. I only used it once and that was enough. Now I just use the beep on occasion and he turns on a dime. I really only use the collar to make sure he stays safe. He wags his tail when I put it on him because it means he gets to go on an adventure! And a great feature is that the shock can be disabled, so I’ll never activate the shock button by mistake. Great product. Charges fast and hold a charge for a long time. The price is a steal, too!

    4. James

      I never wanted to use anything that even resembled a shock collar so I was skeptical about using this product. However, the name on the box, dog training collar, is exactly what it is. Since I’ve been using this collar, I have only needed to use the whistle and or the vibrate. My dog has had a 180 degree change in how he responds. When he hears the whistle, he immediately snaps his head around to me and then, when I call him, comes right back or if I say no, he stops the action. Yes, it does have the option to shock but the instructions clearly tell you to test this on yourself first because if it hurts you, it will hurt your dog and no dog owner wants to hurt their pet. I find this to be a great tool for training and even setting boundaries while in the yard. I highly recommend this training collar.

    5. Matt

      I recently purchased the dog training collar and it has been an absolute game-changer for me and my furry companion. From the moment I started using it, I noticed a remarkable improvement in my dog’s behavior. The collar’s five-star features, such as adjustable intensity levels, reliable range, and waterproof design, made it incredibly effective in training my dog with precision and consistency. The remote control is user-friendly and the battery life is impressive, ensuring uninterrupted training sessions. The collar’s humane approach and safety features provide me with peace of mind, knowing that my dog is being trained in a gentle yet effective manner. I highly recommend this training collar to any dog owner looking for a reliable, efficient, and humane training solution. It’s truly deserving of its five-star rating!

    6. Marlee

      Well I love it. My dog listened so much better. I don’t think I’ve hardly used the shock except for maybe 2 to 3 times. I can beep it and give him a command and then if he don’t listen I hit the vibration button and he perks up really quick to see what I am saying to him. This has been amazing for me and less stress and yelling to get my dog to listen or to stoo barking at nothing. And now I can just have it close to him and beep it and nit even have it on him and he listens now. It’s awesome. Oh and the battery life is outstanding! Hands down I don’t not regret this buy at all. And I love that it has a switch on the side for on and off so no buttons cant be turned on and buttons pushed on accident if it’s in your pocket, so really love that a lot.

      So if your in the market and overwhelmed like I was and need something to help you train your dog or even to just get to listen when out side or something then this is it. Good price for what you get and good quality too.

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