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The 500ft Pet Training Collar. With a 500-foot range, waterproof design, rechargeable capabilities, and multiple training modes including static shock, vibration, and sound, this collar provides the tools you need to guide your pet’s behavior and create a stronger bond between you and your beloved canine companion.

  • Customized Training for Clear Communication
    The 500ft Dog Pet Training Collar offers a range of training modes to suit your pet’s needs and your training goals. Choose from static shock, vibration, and sound modes, adjusting the intensity levels to find the right balance between effective communication and your pet’s comfort. This customization ensures a positive training experience.

  • Uninterrupted Training in Any Environment
    Whether you’re training indoors or outdoors, the 500-foot range ensures that you can communicate commands and reinforce behaviors effectively. The collar’s waterproof design allows for consistent training even when weather conditions are less than ideal. Rain or shine, you can maintain control and promote positive behaviors.
  • Rechargeable Convenience for Sustainable Training
    The collar’s rechargeable capabilities guarantee that you’re always ready for training sessions. No need to worry about disposable batteries or interruptions. This eco-friendly approach ensures that you have the power to train whenever needed.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
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    6 reviews for 500ft Pet Training Collar Remote Electric Waterproof Rechargeable Training Dogs Collar Static Shock Vibration Sound Training

    1. Karen

      My neighbor had purchased this product to train her Bernese Mountain Dog. I was at my wit’s end with my 2 (almost 120 lb. Lab and 60 lb. Jack Russell mix.) My lovely neighbor offered to let me test this collar with the smaller pup.
      2 days of a trial run convinced me this was THE collar for both my boys. Previously I dreaded taking them out because the Lab pulls *hard* on a leash and has knocked me down more than once. After 2 days of each wearing their own collar….these guys do not even need a leash in their own yard anymore! The beep is usually enough to get their attention and makes it easy to redirect them if necessary. Buzz setting is for unnecessary/excessive barking. Have only used the shock setting once, and that was when the little guy ran down into the street because there was a group of people with loose dogs walking by the house. One good jolt was enough to get him yipping home & hopefully I’ll never have to do it again.
      I could not be happier with this product, it’s made my life so much easier (and less painful.)
      Highly recommend!

    2. Julia

      It used to be really hard to go for walks with my dog, simply because he loves other people and dogs, so anytime we would walk past someone else with their dog, he would go nuts and pull as hard as he could to get to them. He is part boxer and bulldog, so he’s incredibly strong. It would embarrass me as I was trying to control him. With this remote collar he is a changed dog on walks. Now, a simple beep or vibrate is usually enough to get him to control his behaviour. I don’t have to use the shock feature super often anymore. It also allows me to control his barking from inside the house when he’s outside. He barks way way way less than he used to. The tone button sticks sometimes, and I don’t know how this product will hold up over time, because I’ve only had it a few months, but so far I’m very happy with it.

    3. Dasey

      My pup turned 1 roughly 3 weeks ago. I thought he was untrainable this collar proves differently it has a loud beep a vibrate and a shock. I have yet to use the shock as the vibrate and beep seem to be doing the trick. I hardly ever have to use the vibrate if he is getting ready to be mischievous I just hit the beep button and he changed his mind and goes and lays down the product comes with everything described it’s easy to use and rechargeable I have a 70 pound bully with a thick neck and a basketball head and the collar fits on hit without an issue. If you thought your dog was untrainable buy this collar I promise you will not be disappointed it’s like I have a whole new dog 😁 thank you for this amazing product.

    4. Miss. J

      This collar and remote are by far the most effective I’ve tried. This review is for the second collar/remote set I’ve purchased. I’ve previously purchased several really junky units, or units that I felt were uncomfortable for my dogs. This collar and remote are so much better.

      I have one dog that is 17 pounds and another that is 105. My 17-pound guy is a major barker. He HATES the vibration mode. The beep is enough of a deterrent if he hasn’t worked himself into a frenzy (which happens quickly, lol), but when I press the vibration button, he stops. The only times I’ve used the third sensation (I call it the “zing” mode) are once when he ran into the road and wouldn’t respond to my call, and recently he started chasing someone’s chickens.

      My 17-pounder (Boo) is the reason I initially purchased the collar, but somehow I lost the remote. We HAVE to have the collar for Boo. The remote can actually run TWO collars by sliding a button (up for one collar and down for the other). So, I purchased a second collar/remote combo (so then I had the new collar, the old collar and a new remote). I programmed the new remote to operate both the old and the new collars.

      My big guy (Sunny) is a thick-necked, 105-pound lab/retriever mix. The same collar adjusts to be big enough to fit him at the largest point. I hardly ever have to move past the beep with Sunny. It’s loud and it irritates him. He’ll usually shake his head and stop barking when he hears it. I’ve only had to use vibrate a handful of times. I have never once had to zing him.

      The collars have been so helpful, and if these wear out, I will definitely be repurchasing if needed (if I lose the remote again, lol).

    5. Mari

      We were very nervous about getting a training collar for our 7 month old puppy , but she definitely needed some help with bad habits and boundaries. After reading up on collars and many many reviews , we went with this collar.
      It has been great . There are 3 settings , sound , vibration, shock . We have never needed to go beyond the vibration. Often the sound is enough to stop a bad behavior, but occasionally we have had to hit the vibration button and that stops the behavior consistently. We have noticed that she is less nippy then she was.
      The only suggestion I would make is to use the collar consistently and have it on your dog. We have not been as consistent as we should be and are going to work on that to get the full benefit of the collar.
      Also we got red for Junie and the collar is cute 😊

    6. Christ

      This is by far the best electric collar I have bought. It as in the collar and the remote are super user friendly. The collar is easily adjusted to fit your pet just right. The remote is small and lightweight. It has a long lanyard making it easy to keep up with. We have a yellow lab that goes swimming multiple times a day with it on and have had no issues. I’ve yet to experience her (our dog) being out of range. The sound is perfect for her to hear but it’s not so loud that it scares her. I’m extremely happy with the price I paid for what I got. I would recommend this e-collar to anyone. I have paid more for one but received so much less. Highly recommend.

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