800m Dog Training Collar For 3 Dogs Waterproof Pet Remote Control Rechargeable training dog collar with Shock Vibration Sound

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Product details:

The 800m Dog Training Collar combines precision, waterproof design, rechargeable capabilities. With an impressive 800-meter range, multiple training modes including shock, vibration, and sound, this collar empowers you to foster obedience while enhancing visibility during training sessions.

  • Multi-Mode Communication for Effective Training
    The 800m Electric Dog Training Collar provides a range of training modes to match your pet’s temperament and your training goals. Choose from shock, vibration, and sound, and customize the intensity levels to ensure clear communication and effective behavior reinforcement.
  • Uninterrupted Training in All Conditions
    Designed with a waterproof construction, this collar ensures that training remains consistent regardless of weather conditions or water-related activities. Whether you’re training on a rainy day or near water, you can confidently guide your pet. The added light feature enhances visibility during low-light or nighttime training sessions.

  • Convenient Rechargeability for Sustainable Training
    The collar’s rechargeable battery guarantees that you’re always prepared for training sessions. Say goodbye to disposable batteries and enjoy the eco-friendly and cost-effective benefits of a rechargeable collar. This feature ensures that you have the power to train whenever needed.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
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    As Pictures Show

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    5 reviews for 800m Dog Training Collar For 3 Dogs Waterproof Pet Remote Control Rechargeable training dog collar with Shock Vibration Sound

    1. Cindy

      These collars have sound, vibration and shock. Ive only used the beep and have gotten amazing results. My dog used to bark at everything that moved, after only 2 days of using collar i tell him no and he stops and sits down next to me with or without collar on.

    2. Tess

      So far we love this for our dogs! No complaints! Great range, amazing battery life and we haven’t had any issues with water as they are hunting dogs.

    3. Speedy

      I have a dog who likes to pully while on a leash. I have tried pinch collars, choke chains and even a no pull harness. None of them worked for my Cane Corso. This shock collar worked great. When she hears the beeping noise she immediately quits pulling. And I like that I can distribute the correction without the dog associating the fact that I am doing it and that the negative behaviors got the response instead. I like the locking setting of the remote to prevent accidental pressing of the buttons. The batteries I’m both the collar and the remote last pretty long on a single charge. I would buy this again. Especially at the price I got it for.

    4. B

      We’ve had our puppy for about 3 and half month before I decided to get this. He generally listens when being called, but the odd times when neighboring dogs come over or squirrels, he just forgets everything and all the training goes out the window. With the neighbors dogs, he ends up in swamps and full of burrs. I love our puppy, and this is expected behavior for living out in the country, but still nightmare scenario. With this collar, we are back in control, he can roam free underwatch, and with a bit of training, I don’t even need to reach the shock level. He responds with just a single beep. It’s also nice to use to walk with him, as he has tendencies to wander off for short periods, but this keeps his wandering in check. I love this, and I wish I would have bought it from day one, so much anxiety I would have saved. Recommended to every carring dog owner. It’s got 8 levels of sound, 16 levels of vibrate, and 99 levels of chock… I’d give this 5 starrs as all the needed options are available as needed.

    5. Ashley

      We have 2 dogs. One, a 10 year old beagle mix and this worked great for kennel training. He doesn’t bark and whine while he’s in there anymore so it’s a win for him. Our other dog, a 6 month old great Dane mix, it doesn’t even phase her. We have it on the highest setting and she acts like it doesn’t bother her at all. Every once in a while when she barks constantly, we’ll hear it zap her but it doesn’t do anything to stop her constantly barking. If it worked for both dogs, I’d give it 5 stars. Maybe for a smaller breed it does the trick.

      Also, one setting is what you get for all. So say you put it at 5, that’s the level of sound, vibration and shock. Had the booklet mentioned that, it would’ve been helpful because I thought I had the sound and vibration on 8 while the shock was set to 3. No. It set everything to 8 and made our dog pee on himself. Once we figured that out, we’ve kept it on 4 for him. But the highest setting doesn’t phase our other dog.

      I will say, the battery life is amazing once he figured out that it hurts to get shocked because it was dying daily, now it last a good 4-5 days without being used.

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