3300ft Dog Training Collar IP67 Waterproof Rechargeable Long Standby Pet Training Collar Beep Vibration Shock Training

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Product details:

This dog training collar unlike traditional shock collars that can be harsh and uncomfortable for dogs, the beep or vibration function on this training collar can help redirect their attention and encourage them to stop the undesirable behavior. It ensures a safe training experience for your beloved pets.

Adjustable Vibration Intensity:

Each dog is unique, and their sensitivity to stimuli may vary. With a wide range of vibration intensity settings, you have the flexibility to customize the training collar’s stimulation level, ensuring optimal effectiveness without causing distress.

Long-Range Remote Training:

The training range of up to 3300 feet provides ample space for conducting training sessions in various environments, such as the backyard, park, or beach. This extensive range offers more freedom and opportunities for your dogs to learn and respond to commands even in large outdoor spaces.

Extended Battery Life and Waterproof Design:

With a remarkable 20-day battery life, the training collar and remote can support extended periods of travel, camping, and training sessions without the need for frequent recharging. Additionally, the lPX7 waterproof rating ensures that the collar remains functional and reliable even after your dog enjoys a refreshing swim.

Built-in Flashlight for Night Walks:

The remote comes equipped with a practical built-in flashlight, providing illumination during nighttime walks or outdoor activities. This handy feature enhances safety and visibility for you and your dogs during evening adventures.

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5 reviews for 3300ft Dog Training Collar IP67 Waterproof Rechargeable Long Standby Pet Training Collar Beep Vibration Shock Training

  1. Amanada

    Love the easy to keep clean collar material, also shows up great at night. Stays charged much longer than our previous collar, loud beep that gets our dog’s attention easily and easy to use remote. I especially like that it instantly connects when you turn the remote on. Our dog is 113lbs. Would highly recommend this. Also we have had 2 river days with plenty of swimming and so far no issues with

  2. Petro

    I have been using it for about 4 days, charged it when I got it and battery still shows full. I dont use it the whole day but would put it on him when I take him out. So about 6 times a day. I switch between 5-11 for shock depending on the situation. I dont have to use it the whole time. So far I am happy with it, the battery lasts long enough so I don’t have to charge it everyday and it is working like it should.

  3. Megan

    Okay. I wasn’t for the shock collar but my dog. I’ve tried a lot of methods. She would focus on me but as soon as they move runs to the gate and lunges after them. She hopped the fence once and I had enough. I tried vibrating but it wasn’t doing anything. So I saw the horse coming and decided I’ll try vibrate and if not I’ll shock. And she charged, vibrate not working and as soon as she jumped I zapped. And boy did she turn the other direction running. I was sad about it but I know it’s the best. An hour later as she was on the porch the horse came back, and she locked eyes on the horse. I used the noise button and she jumped up and looked at me and went to lay down. The birds even went into the bush next to her and she just looked at them. “No reaction”!! I praised her!
    I did not want to use shock but in times like these because of the wild horses, this was an amazing tool to help correct that bad behavior! Seriously thank you! This is amazing and you only need the shock once or twice!

  4. Stella

    I bought 2 other brands and they didn’t even phase my dogs. This one worked! At first I used the beep as a warning, then I would use vibrate. It had no effect, so I slowly moved up to “beep/shock” until I saw a reaction. After having to use the shock button a few times, it only takes a vibrate to make them stop barking. I would say the range is pretty good. I have a 2 acre property and it seems to work from inside my house. They are anywhere from 200 – 700 feet away from me. I agree with others that the batteries won’t last more than a day. They probably last a lot longer if you never have to vibrate/shock them. Turning it “OFF” is a bit wonky too. My biggest problems are having to switch from ‘dog A’ to ‘dog B’. The remote display screen won’t turn on unless I use one of the “beep,vibrate,shock” buttons, so I have no idea if Im correcting the right dog from inside. But I bought another set, so I solved my issues. Durability may be problem if you have dogs like I do. The power button was punctured by one of them and it stopped working so I tossed it. But over all, I’m pleased with the product and price point.

  5. Runk

    I recently purchased this Dog Shock and Training Collar, and it has proven to be a game-changer in training my energetic pup. As a dog owner who values positive reinforcement, I was initially hesitant about using a shock collar. However, after thorough research and positive recommendations, I decided to give it a try, and I’m thrilled with the results.

    The collar is well-designed, durable, and easy to use. The remote control has a user-friendly interface, making it simple to adjust the intensity levels and choose the appropriate training mode for my dog. The range is impressive, allowing me to correct behaviors from a distance without any issues.

    What sets this collar apart is its versatility. It offers multiple training modes, including vibration and sound, in addition to the shock function. This flexibility allows me to tailor the training experience to my dog’s specific needs and temperament. The gradual approach to correction ensures that my dog responds positively without causing any undue stress.

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