1000M Pet Dog Training Collar IP67 Waterproof Rechargeable Beep Vibration Shock Collar Long Standby Keypad Lock For Two Dogs

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Product details:

The 1000M Pet Training Collar. With a 1000-meter range, IP67 waterproof rating, rechargeable capabilities, and two durable Nylon collars, this collar is designed to enhance communication, foster obedience, and create a harmonious bond between you and your canine companions.

  • Precise Training with Multi-Mode Communication
    The 1000M Pet Dog Training Collar offers a comprehensive array of training modes, including beep, vibration, and shock. Customize the intensity levels to suit your pet’s sensitivity and training goals. This multi-mode communication allows you to reinforce commands, guide behavior, and promote positive learning experiences.

  • Waterproof Reliability and Long Standby Time
    Rain or shine, training remains uninterrupted with the collar’s IP67 waterproof rating. Whether it’s a day at the park or a walk in the rain, you can rely on this collar’s durability. The long standby time ensures that you’re always ready for impromptu training sessions.
  • Keypad Lock and Dual Dog Compatibility
    The collar’s keypad lock prevents accidental adjustments during training, providing you with consistent and reliable settings. Designed for two dogs, this collar is perfect for multi-pet households, allowing you to train both pets with ease.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
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    7 reviews for 1000M Pet Dog Training Collar IP67 Waterproof Rechargeable Beep Vibration Shock Collar Long Standby Keypad Lock For Two Dogs

    1. Eric

      We bought this to help with command training for our yellow lab puppy. It is very easy to use and the effective range is incredible. It holds a long charge and Cassie doesn’t mind wearing it. I wish we had bought it two months ago.

    2. A.Gar

      This collar is perfect for training my small older dog. She is an 8lb Pomeranian so I was afraid that the size would be too big for her but it was actually perfect! It’s super light weight and she doesn’t even know she has it on. This is my first time using a training collar so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I started off on a lighter setting and also tested it on myself prior to use. There are so many adjustable settings which will ensure it works well for all dogs. My dogs fur is quite long but she is still able to feel the vibration and shock from it. The remote makes it convenient and so easy to use when I need it. I’ve seen great behavioral changes already in the short time we’ve had this device that it makes it well worth the buy! If you are looking for a great way to train your dog, I highly recommend getting this one!

    3. Timmbo

      These training collars are great. They give me the confidence to give my dogs more freedom. A pair of collars is controlled by a single controller that has 3 training tools with variable settings for each. My dogs definitely respond differently to the different tools. All of the other collars I had didn’t have the ability to control the level of each tool. The set of 2 collars with controller was a better value for me than 1 collar and controller which I was going to buy but decided to get the 2 collar bundle for a slight increase in price. All of the units are rechargeable which connect to a USB charging block which isn’t included. The seam to hold a charge for a good period, I’m still experimenting with how long they’ll last between charges. The controller is easy to use once you understand the features. The controller comes equipped with a wrist strap. My previous training collars came with a controller that was always on which was a problem if you put it in your pocket because certain movements would trigger the collars, this one can be turned off which is great! I have 2 dogs that wear the collars that I can easily switch between on the controller to provide a signal to the dog that is misbehaving. The collars also come in different colors which makes it quick to put the right collar on the right dog. That is another simple thing that I like about these collars. Most of the other collars I had in the past were all the same. When the collars were off of the dogs at the same, you would have to signal the collars to figure out which was which. Easy solution that probably costs the manufacturer something but is way more effective. I haven’t had this trading collar bundle for long but so far it is the best I have had for an affordable price.

    4. Eden

      I purchased this dog training collar for our Great Dane who is 4 and very large. It was a perfect fit and adjusted to his neck with ease. Vibration and shock patterns were adjustable for my dogs needs. Easy instructions and easy to use. Great product and would definitely purchase again and share to my friends! Water proof and durable!

    5. Conner

      Okay. I bought this as a last resort. Our dog kept acting up and growling our toddler in the house. We tried to make time special for the dog, spend lots of time outside with her, reward her when she was good, etc. Tried multiple other things, nothing was working. I was at the point of having to separate her away from our toddler. I got this collar and oh my goodness. Within 24 hours of buying this and putting it on her, we have our sweet lovable dog back. We have still never had to shock her because she does not like the beep. The vibrate function is good for when she gets very rowdy. She now roams the house and plays with our toddler, she goes outside without causing any issues. And we have never had to shock her. (I know I already said that, but that is amazing!) Love love love this. Battery life is phenomenal. Lock feature is great for no accidental beeping.

    6. Josh

      I was VERY resistant to purchasing a shock collar for my puppy, 7 month old cockapoo. There are two times in the day when she really ramps up the energy and is very barky and bitey. We needed a solution desperately! All training we had done really didn’t help us with this problem. I first bought a remote that made a sound that only dogs hear and not humans, because that seemed more humane. However, it only worked for a day. So, it got returned and my hopelessness increased.

      In a moment of frustration I purchased the Collar. My children thought I was a horrible person, but something had to change. When it came I tested the shock feature on myself so I would know what pain I could cause my dog. It turns off both level 1 and 2, I couldn’t feel at all. Level 4 I could feel and decided that was the highest I felt comfortable going.

      To my surprise, we didn’t need the shock feature!!! My dog responds extremely well to the beep feature and it’s usually enough to get her to stop. Honestly, I can even just show her the remote and she chills out. Beyond that, she HATES the vibrate! I’ve only used it on her 3 times, because she hates it that much. It’s really, really effective and you don’t feel like you’re mean when you know all you did was vibrate your dog’s neck.

      I highly recommend this collar! It’s literally been life-changing!

    7. Eddie

      We use this on our beagle.
      We live on a large farm, and the signal range is excellent. I just press the beep and
      he comes running. I have only used the shocking part of a few of times.
      In the beginning that’s how I got him
      to come to me with it,
      and then he was barking and becoming aggressive, when my friend and her dog came for a visit.
      I shocked him twice and he immediately
      became very quiet and came right to me.
      It has changed him to be a wonderful
      Companion. But please watch the the YouTube
      video on how to train them.

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