2 In 1 Pet Dog Wireless Fence Training Collar Waterproof Outdoor Pet Electric Containment System Anti Runaway Training Collar

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This Wireless Electric Dog Fence is a cutting-edge addition to the pet electronic product market, offering a combination of innovation, convenience, and safety.

  • 1. The dual antenna design improves the signal stability of the collar and transmitter, making it more stable and accurate.
    2. Can be used in any outdoor terrain, with 5 different radius including 100ft/200ft/300ft/500ft/990ft.
    3. The receiver has IP65 dustproof rating and IPX7 waterproof function, and can be used in rainy and humid environments.
    4. Collar is made of environmentally friendly TPU, outer layer is equipped with a reflective tape to ensure that the dog walks safely at night.
    5. The receiver will release static electricity without harming the dog’s hair, 2 sets of conductive electrodes with different lengths are available, silicone sleeve can minimize the electrical shock to the dog.
    6. When the collar is not working, it will automatically enter standby mode, can be maintained for more than 6 months, and can be awakened by dog’s movement or human touch.
    7. Combines outdoor wireless fence and training functions, click “Mode” to switch modes, training mode provides sound, static and vibration function.


  • How to use:
    1. Fully charge and turn on the power
    2. Press “+” or “-” to select the paired receiver
    3. Press the “MODE” button on the transmitter panel for 3 seconds until the LED flashes. After the pairing is successful, then press the receiver power button for 3 seconds, the LED and the receiver indicator will always be on.
    4. Use the test light to test whether it is connected
    5. Debug the mode, connect the receiver to the collar, and wear it to the dog

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
    As Pictures Show
    As Pictures Show

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    1 review for 2 In 1 Pet Dog Wireless Fence Training Collar Waterproof Outdoor Pet Electric Containment System Anti Runaway Training Collar

    1. Emily

      We have a barker, all evening from about 5pm till she wears herself out.
      Got this with high hopes and expected disappointment but my god! It actually works! Put it on her and she started her usual “singing the song of her people” and it did the beeps as it says then after 4/5 it done the vibration, no pain just confusion, twice she went through the beeps and vibration and now not a peep! If she starts to bark all I have to do is turn it on, when it turns on it beeps, and she knows! It’s been utter bliss since.
      Best money I’ve spent in a looooong time.

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