GPS Anti Runaway Fence Pet Dog Wireless Electric GPS Boundary Fence Containment System Easy Setup Outdoor Use Waterproof Rechargeable



Product details:

This GPS Anti Runaway Fence introduces an advanced approach to pet containment, utilizing cutting-edge GPS technology for precise location tracking and boundary control. This next-generation electric fence addresses the limitations of traditional systems and offers a safer and more accurate solution for pet owners.

  • If your pet attempts to leave the safe area, the system triggers automatic stimulation to deter them from crossing the boundary. Once your pet returns to the safe area, the stimulus stops immediately. Unlike traditional wireless dog fences, the KD662 boasts superior stability and a range of rich features. It is less susceptible to interference from obstacles or metal, and reduce the risk of mistaken warnings and injuries for your pets.
  • You have the flexibility to adjust the radius of the safe area, ranging from 30 meters (33 yards) to 1000 meters (1100 yards), covering circular areas from 0.7 acre to 775 acres. The collar is designed to be IP66 waterproof and rechargeable, ensuring durability and functionality even in challenging outdoor conditions.
  • You can choose from beep, vibration, and shock correction modes based on your pet’s responsiveness and training needs. The system is designed to prevent overstimulation by limiting the number of stimulations to three within an 18-second period, and the GPS technology is effective even in hilly terrain with buildings and obstacles, as it operates based on satellite signals.
  • How It Works:
    Set a central point for your pet’s play area.
    Activate the collar at the central point to establish GPS location.
    Define the desired radius for the playing area.
    Attach the collar to your dog.
    When your dog approaches the boundary, the system provides a warning.

    Important Tips:
    Train your dog for approximately two weeks to ensure understanding of the system.
    Avoid use on rainy days or near tall buildings due to weak GPS signals.
    Collar auto-locates and overwrites data each time it’s turned on.
    Expect daily collar charging due to real-time positioning power consumption.
    Account for a 3-5 meter fuzzy region due to GPS errors and system delays.

    This system is not suitable for aggressive dogs or those prone to aggressive behavior.
    Proper fit of the collar belt is crucial to prevent skin damage.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
    As Pictures Show
    As Pictures Show

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