Underground Waterproof Pet Electric Fence Shock Training Collar Dog Pet Training Fence Fencing System For 3 Dogs



Product details:

This Pet Electric Fence is suitable for multi-pet households, the system supports the operation of multiple collars.

  • Safe and Effective Containment: The Hidden W-227B stands as a testament to being one of today’s most dependable and budget-friendly pet containment solutions. It employs a buried wire to transmit a harmless radio signal, ensuring your pet’s safety and freedom.
  • Boundary Alert System: When your furry friend approaches the set boundary, the system triggers a series of alerts to guide them. The collar receiver first delivers a warning beep, offering your pet a chance to heed the signal.
  • Progressive Correction Levels: Should your dog persist in approaching the boundary, the system escalates to a mild shock. If they continue further, the shocks become stronger, encouraging your pet to retreat back within the safe area you’ve defined.
  • Established Boundaries: Your dog naturally learns to avoid correction, staying comfortably within the boundaries you’ve established. This system promotes both safety and contentment.
  • Main Features:
    1.Pulsed proportional stimulus
    2.Progressive tone stimulus
    3.Variable field width control
    4.Audible and visual wire break indicators
    5.Speed detect anti-run through
    6.Built-lightning protection
    7.Multiple collar operation
    8.Up to 5000 aquake meter range(over 1.2 acre)

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
    As Pictures Show
    As Pictures Show

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