881B Electric Pet Dog Fence Thick Cable Rechargeable Waterproof Dog Training Collar Electronic Wireless Shock Fence System



Product details:

Pet Friendly Fence – adjustable pulsed proportional stimulus design, covering an area over 1.24 acres, the closer your dog gets to the boundary, the more intense the shock will be (similar to static shock, harmless to your dog)

Customizable Perimeter

the 980ft longer wire is flexible to DIY the pet moving zone, can be buried and customized for your garden, backyard, lawn, farm and so on, while 20 colorful flags are inserted in ground to help your dog easily learn the boundary.

Keep Your Dog Safely

unique Speed Detection ensures that the faster your dog is running, the higher level of pulsed intensity is issued by the transmitter, prevents your dog from running too quickly to get in dangerous places

Heavy Duty Collar Receivers

IP67 water-resistant, dustproof and rechargeable collar receiver with soft adjustable collar, it’s comfortable and suitable for almost all dogs, also withstands sunny, slightly rainy, sandy or even dusty days

Simple Setup

someone has a bit of hands-on experience may probably have no difficulty in installation as long as following the instructions step-by-step, Plus, we offer lifetime technical supports and friendly customers services

How It Works?

KD X660 dog fence system has a heavy-duty wire to establish an invisible boundary for dogs and sends a harmless signal from the transmitter to the collar receiver. If the dog gets close to the boundary-warning zone, it will emit a warning sound, while issue a mild shock if the dog continues moving closer to the boundary, the system will . The closer your dog gets to the boundary, the more intense the correction will be. In this process, your dog will naturally learn to avoid the correction and stay in the boundary.

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As Pictures Show
As Pictures Show

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