2 In 1 Wireless Electronic Dog Fence System Pet Dog Training Collar Beep Shock Vibration Training and Fence Function For 2 Dogs


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This 2 In 1 Wireless Fence provides a comprehensive solution for pet owners. The device offers customizable radius settings, training modes, and adjustable intensities for effective containment and training. The receiver’s features and usage further enhance its practicality and convenience.

  • Operating the Outdoor Electronic Wireless Fence:
    1. Power on the device, and by default, it’s set to the fence mode with an LED display showing “30”.
    2. Use the MODE button to switch between fence and dog training modes.
    3. In the fence mode, adjust the radius using the “+” and “-” buttons. “30” signifies a 30-meter radius, while “60” is for a 60-meter radius. There are five adjustable distances: 30m, 60m, 90m, 150m, and 300m.
    4. When a dog exceeds the set boundary, the receiver triggers a training function: a warning sound followed by a static reminder. If the dog persists, sound and electric shock are combined gradually.


  • Using the Dog Training Function:
    1. The remote control range for dog training is up to 250 meters.
    2. Control up to three dogs simultaneously. The LED displays “001” for the first dog, “002” for the second, and “003” for the third.
    3. Choose “sound,” “vibration,” or “electrostatic reminder” using corresponding buttons. Each function has six intensity levels.
    4. For continuous sound, hold the button; for vibration or static, press and hold the button.
    5. Intensity levels are adjustable using “+” and “-” buttons.
    6. Hold the static button for 10 seconds to stop the electric shock and prevent injury to the pet.
    7. Intensity settings are retained, but can be changed using the “+” or “-” buttons.
    8. If training multiple dogs, use the MODE button to switch to dog training mode and pair each dog with the respective function signal to avoid confusion.


  • Receiver Usage:
    1. Power on the receiver, with the power light indicating activation.
    2. Recyclable charging with a 3.7V 400mAh lithium battery. Red light flashes during charging, and green light remains on when fully charged.
    3. Receiver enters sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity, conserving power.
    4. LED test light indicates electrostatic intensity.
    5. Receiver is waterproof, rechargeable, and practical.
    6. Conductive column can be replaced for different dog fur lengths.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
    As Pictures Show
    As Pictures Show

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