1000M Remote Control Dog Training Collar IP67 Waterproof Rechargeable Long Standby Time Pet Training Collar

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This Dog Training Collar offers three training modes: beep, vibration, and shock. These modes enable you to teach basic obedience commands and correct inappropriate behaviors in a safe and effective way. This collar allows you to adjust the shock and vibration levels from 1 to 100. It ensures that you can find the appropriate level of stimulation that matches your pet’s training needs.

IP67 Waterproof and 3280FT Receiving Range:

The training collar receiver is IP67 waterproof. rated, making it suitable for outdoor activities. With a long receiving range of up to 3280 feet(with no obstacles), the remote allows you to train your dog in various environments, including the park, backyard.

Reflective Coating:

The training collar strap has a reflective coating on the surface, providing visibility during nighttime walks and helping protect your dog from traffic accidents.

Long Standby Time:

Both the receiver and remote are rechargeable, with the receiver’s standby time lasting up to 40 days and the remote’s up to 180 days after rapid charging (about 2 hours)The collar can be conveniently charged using a USB port.

Built-in Flashlight:

Making nighttime walks and outdoor activities safer and more enjoyable. This function ensures that you and your dogs have sufficient illumination during evening adventures enhancing visibility and safety. You can focus on training and interacting with your dogs while keeping your hands free.

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7 reviews for 1000M Remote Control Dog Training Collar IP67 Waterproof Rechargeable Long Standby Time Pet Training Collar

  1. KP

    I have 3 large labradors, you can imagine the noise when they start barking, and they bark at Everything
    Charged this little machine up, sat it in the hallway, a couple of little huffs from them, but then silence!!!

  2. Bonnie Holmes

    My dog is a puller and a barker. I started with just the sound and telling her no. On the few occasions that she didn’t respond, I beeped it several times and then, if she persisted I used the vibration. Now all I have to do is hold it up and she knows I’m going to tell her no. I haven’t had to use the shock feature but my sister had to one time when she tried to pull her to go after another dog. She stopped pulling immediately and then followed directions.

  3. Matt Frost

    I used this product on all three of my dogs. I have 2 pit bulls and a lab. The collar worked well on all three. One of the pits was older when we first started using it and she adapted very well and after only a few months we didn’t have to use it at all. The other two were pups when we started ( just about 6 months) and learned very quickly). We only had to use the shock aspect a couple of times, they all figured it out after the vibration. I would recommend it for any breed.

  4. Dorothy

    We have an almost-one-year old minipoo who is hyperactive, extremely smart, and stubborn (duh, poodle). He doesn’t necessarily “hear” us when we are giving our commands if he is hyper-focused, or barking incessantly at someone when outside. I researched several e-collars (NOT wanting a shock collar), and this one turned out to be well worth it. We have never used, and never intend to use, the shock button. When our little man is barking, we give him a “quiet” command. If that doesn’t work, he gets just the beep tone from the collar and that usually gives him the “tap on the shoulder” he needs and he stops and goes on to something else. If one beep doesn’t work, we try another and only once in the few weeks we have had it have we used the vibrate feature. (Again, never the shock on our 12-lb boy) So far, just one beep on the remote has diverted his attention from whatever bad thing he’s doing, to changing course and refocusing and therefore receiving immediate praise. We still use positive reinforcement with praise and treats ahead of, or alongside this collar. It seems like it would be counterintuitive, but it’s actually made our dog LESS anxious and a more confident, calmer boy. I’d highly recommend this collar for anyone (that does his/her/their research on e-collars and proper ways to use them, of course 😊).

  5. Laura

    I got this for my new shelter rescue was a little worried about having to shock her. However she forgets her manners at the dog park n I got bite by another dog trying to make her behave. All this took was a beep , then a vibrate twice. I have never had to shock her. The vibrate was enough and when I beep she responds immediately. Here is the kicker I lost the controller, was devastated, looked for over a week. It must have fell out of my pocket at the park. We go today and someone found it and hung it on the fence for me. OMG after over a week and five days of hard rain and sun exposure. The thing turned right on and worked. Recommend recommend recommend 1000000 times btw this is her living her best life

  6. Laura

    I just adopted an eleven pound dog with the attitude of a great dane. We own chickens and cats, and our new pup loved to chase them. As she started chasing our chickens I hit the vibrate button on the lowest setting, I couldn’t believe it, it stopped her in her tracks! I have never had to use the shock setting for her since she is so small. However, if I had a big dog I believe it would be helpful to correct bad behavior. Easy to use, and the controller can work with two collars, you simply change from dog #1 to dog #2! I highly recommend this training collar.

  7. Chris

    Was very hesitate because of other past experiences from other collars but this has done wonderfully and I am very pleased. Love the color, love the size, love the options and ability to customize levels and different tones. The extra 10% shock boost has shown to be very useful as well. It comes with longer prongs which was great to get through the long hair along with silicone covers to help with skin irritation. The battery life is amazing too! It came in already fully charged and I used it right away and I did not have to charge it for about 2 1/2 weeks! Has a long reliable distance as well. To top it off, it can operate a 2nd collar too!

    I think if I could add/change anything it would be to have more colors available and to have the remote have some sort of grip so it’s not so slick. Like have a printed grip on it or maybe make a silicone cover for it or something like that. Oh…I forgot to mention that it comes with a reflective collar too.

    This really has been a great collar and I am very pleased. I will be looking forward to adding more collars as needed 😎

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