2-In-1 Pet Remote Training Collar & Auto Anti Barking Collar Sound Beep Vibration Rechargeable Waterproof Automatic Anti Bark

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The Pet Remote Training Collar. This versatile collar combines the features of a remote training collar with an automatic anti-barking collar, offering sound, beep, and vibration modes for effective communication and behavior control. With waterproof construction, rechargeable capabilities, and three distinct modes, this collar is a holistic solution for pet owners seeking a harmonious relationship with their furry companions.

  • Dual Functionality for Training and Bark Control
    Experience the best of both worlds with the 2-in-1 Pet Remote Training and Anti-Barking Collar. This collar provides the flexibility to switch between remote training and automatic anti-barking modes as needed. Address behaviors, reinforce commands, and curb excessive barking—all within a single collar.

  • Clear Communication Through Sound, Beep, and Vibration
    With three distinct modes—sound, beep, and vibration—you have a range of tools at your disposal for effective communication. The sound and beep modes offer auditory cues, while the vibration mode provides a gentle physical stimulus. Choose the mode that aligns with your training goals and your pet’s needs.
  • Reliable Waterproof Design and Rechargeable Convenience
    The collar’s waterproof construction ensures that training and behavior control are not hindered by weather or water-related activities. Rechargeable capabilities guarantee uninterrupted training sessions, making this collar a sustainable choice for your pet’s training journey.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
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    As Pictures Show

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    6 reviews for 2-In-1 Pet Remote Training Collar & Auto Anti Barking Collar Sound Beep Vibration Rechargeable Waterproof Automatic Anti Bark

    1. Eric Fulton

      This thing works great on our 60 lbs dog. The range is great. It has been a great tool for training with the vibration mode and if things get out of had the shock will bring them home everytime I promise. The collar stays charged for weeks if not used much.

    2. DC

      I love my baby beagles but man, they ain’t easy. They’re dramatic, high strung, stubborn and LOUD. Like, unnecessarily, obnoxiously LOUD. I’d spend my day shouting “no!” “come here!” and “be quiet!” to no avail. In the battle of baying beagles, I was clearly the loser. I’d given up. My home was full tilt chaos. The beags had won.
      So, as one does, I read the entire internet and I’m thrilled to have discovered The remote dog training system. I love being able to control two collars from a single remote, but the absolute best feature is that automatic bark detection mode is also included! (Unlike many other remote training systems) most don’t have automatic bark detection -at all – so you’d need a seperate collar just for that. Also, I found many of the other guys can only operate one collar per remote. So if you have 3 dogs like I do then you’d need to juggle three seperate remotes, remembering which remote goes with what dog collar.. putting 2 collars on each dog… pffff.. ain’t nobody got time for all that!
      I want 1 collar on each dog and one remote to rule them all and that’s what I get with the training system. I love that I can individually control two collars from a single remote but what really sets this product apart from the competition is the included automatic bark detection mode. The other guys don’t have it all. The battery life is excellent, the collars are well made, and most importantly I now have my peaceful, quiet life back and can enjoy our two lovely, QUIET, CALM well mannered baby beagles. Get it – you won’t regret it. 👍

    3. Marie

      This training collar is one of the best that I have used. It is easy to setup and works very well. I like the option to turn the adjustment knob to set the desired vibration, shock, and sound. I especially like how it is possible to change the beep sound as this allows you to train your dog to different tones. I always test the shock strength on myself before using anything like this on my dog. I found level six to be perfect for my dog as it only gives a little tingle, which is enough to let him know he did something wrong without causing pain. I’m sure you may need to adjust this depending on the size of the dog but for mine, six was perfect. I highly recommend this training collar to anyone who needs to correct their dog.

    4. carol

      This is one of the best investments we could have made. We have never had to use the “shock” button on the collar and do not anticipate ever using it. Our puppy really likes to misbehave on occasion. All it takes is a push of the sound and/or vibration button for him to respond. Sometimes all that needs to happen is for him to see the collar coming out of the box, and he then stops his bad behavior. I highly recommend this product.

    5. Cup

      This collar has turned out to be a game changer in my house and I’m totally floored by how well it has worked!

      We have two dogs in our home – a lab/pit mix and my working partner, a big, strong headed German shepherd. My shepherd makes a big pain in the neck out of himself on days when we aren’t working. Guarding the house, patrolling, vocalizing for attention and just generally being a shepherd. He’s the greatest dog I’ve ever had, but he’s also LOUD which has taught my other dog the joys of loudness…

      This collar surprised me right away. The build quality is fantastic. It feels like it is of solid construction and will last a long time. More importantly though, it’s configuration options are simple to understand, easy to adjust and highly effective. You can choose a combination of beeping, vibration and shock and the collar has the option to set the sensitivity for optimal performance. The sensitivity adjustment is probably the most important part of this for me. In the past when using lesser collars, the lab/pit figured out that if my shepherd is being annoying, he could bark a couple of times and set off his buddy’s collar lol. It’s a great trick but it became overused to the point where we abandoned bark collars for a bit. Now, both dogs are wearing one but I have the sensitivity dialed in to where it keeps each of them quiet and it doesn’t go off if one collar is on the charger and one dog barks at the other!

      Beyond this, all corrections are individually selectable. Between the beeps d the vibration strength, there’s been no need to us the shock function. Still, it’s great to know I’ve got that level of correction banked in case we need it!

      Finally, the battery life is fantastic! With one week under our belts with the new collar, the battery is showing no signs of needing to be charged. The screen clearly shows everything you need to know about the collar and the battery indicator is nearly full. This isn’t a device that will require co start babysitting to keep it running and I love that.

      All in all, I couldn’t be more pleased with this thing! It has restored peace in the house while leaving g me with enough flexibility to escalate corrections down the road if needed. The configuration is easy to adjust, especially with the large, easy to read screen. And the battery life is far superior to other models I’ve used. I suspect this is the last bark collar I’ll be purchasing for a long time and I’m grateful for the quality design and well thought out functionality!

    6. Alice

      I bought this collar for my 1yr old Golden Retriever. We’ve bought other collars but they don’t last very long. This one works great with training my rebellious puppy who keeps digging holes in my yard and he apparently has selective hearing. lol. Love the color and it’s really easy to operate! My Golden no longer digs holes! It also has a long battery life, I only have to charge it once a week.

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