1000ft IPX7 Waterproof Dog Training Collar Rechargeable Electric Dog Shock Collar 3 Mode Beep Vibration Shock

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Give your dog the training they deserve with our state-of-the-art Waterproof Dog Training Collar. Engineered to meet the needs of both novice and experienced trainers, this collar offers three effective training modes—Beep, Vibration, and Shock—to help your furry companion learn and respond to your commands. With a range of up to 1000 feet and an IPX7 waterproof rating, this collar is designed to elevate your training sessions to new heights.

  • Our training collar features three modes: Beep, Vibration, and Shock. The Beep mode offers a gentle reminder to your dog, while the Vibration mode provides a subtle, non-harmful alert. The Shock mode, adjustable in intensity, is available for situations where a stronger signal is needed to reinforce commands. Customize your training approach to match your dog’s personality and the specific behaviors you want to address.

  • With a range of 1000 feet (approximately 300 meters), our training collar allows you to maintain control even in open spaces, parks, or large yards. The remote control ensures instant communication with your dog, helping you guide them effectively. Whether teaching basic obedience or addressing specific behavioral issues, this collar gives you the reach you need.

  • Don’t let rain or water-related activities hold you back. Our Waterproof Dog Training Collar is designed to withstand wet conditions, ensuring that your training sessions can continue regardless of the weather. Your dog can play, swim, and train without any concerns about the collar’s performance.

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    5 reviews for 1000ft IPX7 Waterproof Dog Training Collar Rechargeable Electric Dog Shock Collar 3 Mode Beep Vibration Shock

    1. Chuck

      My dog is extremely stubborn but I did not want to use a shock collar. After buying dog training books and trying everything else I could think of I bought this collar. I used the vibration and beep quite a bit at first and was getting nowhere. Then 1 day I tried the shock feature on level 1 since I read a review that said even level 1 had a strong shock. My dog didn’t even acknowledge level 1 or 2. So I put my fingers on it and tried shocking me at level to be sure it was working. I didn’t feel a thing on level 1, on 2 I could just feel it. So I set it to to level 5 and that’s what I have it set to now. I shocked my dog 1 time and I could see that got her attention fast. Without the collar she’s still a little stubborn but I can leave it turned off and put it on her and she listens 90% better. If I turn it on, 99% of the time the beep is all I need, then I use the vibrate feature . I have never had to shock again which is good because I felt so bad doing it. But now I have a dog that listens pretty well. She doesn’t bite but she’s big and has a loud mean bark.

    2. CrystalPerritt

      For the price this collar is great. I bought it for my pup to train. She no longer jumps or bits. The collar stays charged for a pretty long time. I haven’t yet changed the remote, been having for a few months now. Definitely comes in hand. Both rechargeable. It comes with a charger. Its just great all around.

    3. Satareh

      Life changing walks in less than a week!
      And I havnt even used the shock mode!

      My dog is a 1.5 yr old Great Pyrenees mix about 85lbs , I adopted him about 3 months ago and he’s very sweet good boy until we encounter any other dogs on walks. He looses his marbles and try’s to attack every dog big small near us or across the street. We avoid peak dog walking times and do bigger walks late at night to avoid confrontation. My arms, elbows and fingers get little injuries weekly trying to hold him back from attacking other dogs… needless to say walk are embarrassing and exhausting!
      In about 3 days every thing has changed using only beep and mostly vibrate mode. It really diffuses the situation and gets his attention. Today we encountered a dog around the corner and he actually ran back towards me away from other dog, another dog he saw ignored then that dog showed aggression to him and he started to charge at it I just said leave it and he kept going, we can walk by other big dogs across street and did not even react at all where before I had to say leave it over n over and use all my strength to hold him back .
      Battery seems to last a long time, the collar actually looks nicer in person than it does in the photos. Enjoying happier more confident walks with my big sweet boy now 🙂

    4. Matthew.F

      The collar and remote feel high quality. The included charger charges both items at the same time. The remote and collar both charged quickly. I would have preferred the chargers be more of a standard usb C. so you wouldn’t have to rely on the included charger. There is a ton of adjustability in the intensity of each correction mode. My dog seems to respond well to the sound mode without the need to use the shock. The sound is loud even on the lowest setting. The range is good although I haven’t tested it long range yet. The battery has lasted several days but that is without much intense training. We used to use a name brand that cost way more than this combo and this works just as well.

    5. Vince

      Search around more if you want, but you likely won’t find a better shock collar, especially at this price. Probably the best dog training collar we’ve ever purchased. We use this on our 20lb Shih-Tzu mix and it fits great. Might be a bit bulky for dogs smaller than that. The remote is very light (but doesn’t feel cheap), fits nicely in the hand, and is very intuitive and easy to use. Battery life seems to be good so far on both the collar and remote. Some of the other brands have a short delay between pushing the button and activating the vibration/tone/shock, but this one does not. It’s pretty much instantaneous, and very effective.

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