GPS Wireless Electric Dog Fence Safe Easy Setup Outdoor Dog Containment System Waterproof Rechargeable Dog Collar For Large Dog



Product details:

This Wireless Electric Dog Fence uses satellite signal technology to locate your boundary with simple settings. Unlike our competitors, our wireless dog fence system does not require any transmitters or boundaries to set up your circular containment boundary. Make life easier. Let the dog have more freedom.

Working principle of outdoor GPS wireless fence:

1 The center point and safe radius distance are set by GPS satellite positioning, and your pet can move freely within the set safe range.
2. When your pet is out of the set safe distance range, the product will be triggered to work, and the alarm will sound, vibrate and static stimulation; when your pet returns to the set safe distance range, the product will stop punishing.
3 Essentially, you should train your pet how to turn the product punishment. 


1. Satellite antenna positioning:
Accurate positioning, wide coverage, universal
2. Al intelligence
Al intelligent fast algorithm, through the longitude and latitude number, time, speed , application scene for rapic calculation and judgement, complete effective training.
3. Dual working mode
Automatic mode, Fixed mode, simple and effective operation mode setting.
4. Vibration and electric shock mode
Using soft or strict training means based on different dogs situation.
5. Easy to use:
Portable fence, no power to supply, no emitter, low cost. Whether you ‘re camping out or in your backyards, a farm can easily set your boundaries. quick use.
6.Device control range
Minimum radius 30 yards, Maximum radius 999 yards
7. Automatic memory
Built – in memory function, no need to reset the working mode, location center origin, and boundary distance, (if you change the place, remember to adjust the center origin and boundary)



1. Please read the user manual carefully before use.
2. The device is an electronic PGS wireless dog fence collar, with signal transmission and reception functions.
3. The minimum control radius of the device is about 30 feet, the collar is suitable to be used in open areas of farms, not suitable for small yards.
4. It has an IP65 waterproof rating, but we do’t recommend using it underwater.
5. The accuracy of GPS depends on environmental factors, such as dense wood, high buildings, cloudy weather, these will affect the distance received by GPS

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