21 Gauge 150M Underground Fence Cable Electric Shock Pet Dog Fence System Boundary Coil Wire Cable Durable Cable



Product details:

This 150M Underground Fence Cable offers a versatile and effective way to extend the reach of your in-ground pet containment system. With a custom-shaped area defined by the included insulated copper wire, you enhance your pet’s safety, training, and freedom while ensuring a seamless integration into your current system.

  • With the ability to create a custom-shaped area for your pet, this expansion empowers you to define the boundaries that suit your specific outdoor environment. Whether you need to restrict access to certain garden beds, prevent entry to sensitive areas, or allow your pet to roam freely within a designated space, the flexibility of this system accommodates your unique needs.
  • This product includes a substantial 150-foot spool of insulated 21-gauge solid copper wire. This wire serves as the backbone of your customized pet containment system. Its durability and quality construction ensure a reliable connection throughout your defined area. The insulated design guarantees safety for both your pet and the system, reducing the risk of unintended interference or hazards.
  • Integrating this expansion into your existing in-ground fence system is a straightforward process. The included copper wire, which is known for its conductivity and reliability, seamlessly connects to your current system’s components. By extending and configuring the wire based on your desired boundary shape, you create an effective barrier that guides your pet’s movements and helps with training.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
    As Pictures Show
    As Pictures Show

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