Dog Electric Collar Waterproof Pet Dog Training Collar Rechargeable Remote Dog Bark Control Collar Anti Bark Pet Trainer

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The Waterproof Rechargeable Dog Electric Collar. With a waterproof design, rechargeable capabilities, remote control, and an anti-bark feature, this collar empowers you to foster obedience, control excessive barking, and strengthen the bond between you and your cherished canine companion.

  • Precision Training through Remote Control
    The Waterproof Rechargeable Dog Electric Collar offers remote control, allowing you to guide your pet’s behavior from a distance. This feature provides a range of training options and is particularly effective for reinforcing commands and addressing behaviors.
  • Anti-Bark Feature for Quiet Living
    This collar also includes an anti-bark feature, designed to curb excessive barking tendencies. Create a more peaceful and harmonious living environment by reducing unwanted barking behavior, allowing you and your pet to coexist comfortably.

  • Uninterrupted Training with Rechargeable Design
    The rechargeable collar ensures that you’re always prepared for training sessions. Say goodbye to disposable batteries and enjoy the eco-friendly and cost-effective benefits of a rechargeable collar. This feature guarantees uninterrupted training and makes the collar an eco-conscious choice.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
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    2 reviews for Dog Electric Collar Waterproof Pet Dog Training Collar Rechargeable Remote Dog Bark Control Collar Anti Bark Pet Trainer

    1. Shelley

      We like the fact it has three different functions a beep sound, a vibration along with the shock which is adjustable. We are training our 9 month old Labrador to stay within our 1 acre property line, only when we are outside with her using our commands. She is mostly in a 1 arce fenced backyard so when she gets out to the front yard it’s game on, literally like it’s a game! She refused to come to us so again it’s very helpful to keep her in our property lines.
      We’ve only had to use it a few times now that we put it on her is doing much better.

    2. Casey

      I bought this originally to help my puppy behave when she would go to my fathers house when he would babysit her when I was at work. As time has went on I’ve began to notice a huge difference in my dog. When she would be at my dads house she was so well behaved but the min she came home and was not wearing it she became devil dog. I was opposed to using it at my house. Now I’ve purchased a second set because I was so jealous of how he got to experience the angel side of my dog all the time were I got the lil devil. It’s a lifesaver. I never even have to shock her I just simply beep her and she will immediately began to listen to me when doing a baby behavior. The battery life is also pretty reliable which is a plus because I was nervous with buying a cheaper brand one but so far 2 sets later and I would highly recommend.

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