Smart Touch Screen Anti Bark Collar Dog Bark Collar Rechargeable Anti Barking Training Collar with 7 Adjustable Sensitivity

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Product details:

This Touch Screen Anti Bark Collar is suitable for pets ranging from 5kg-50kg(11lbs-110lbs) and neck circumference up to 62cm(25in), not suitable for dogs less than 5kg(11lbs) or younger than 6 months.

  • Effective 3 training modes: beep, vibration and shock.
  • Digital LED screen and sensitive touch button, very convenient to use.
  • Sturdy IP67 waterproof material, you can enjoy peaceful time with your pet even in the snow/rain.
  • USB rechargeable , one time charge could use up to 15 days.
  • Better anti-interference technology, intelligently filtering out potential unnecessary noise to avoid any false corrections.
  • Only when you tap 3 times to enter setting mode, you could adjust level of setting mode.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
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    As Pictures Show

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    1 review for Smart Touch Screen Anti Bark Collar Dog Bark Collar Rechargeable Anti Barking Training Collar with 7 Adjustable Sensitivity

    1. TD

      This collar fits all sizes, unlike a previous one I bought. And the results are amazing…better than any bark collar I’ve used in the past. I have an extremely vocal adopted 8 year old Beagle that needs to be trained not to be a nuisance both indoors and outdoors. On day 1 after receiving it, I set beep sounds and vibrations to setting 3 and did not use Tye shock feature. I put my Girl outside for some fresh air and a snack. She usually stays out there a couple of hours and after about 15 to 30 minutes and then barks almost incessantly.
      When I put the new collar on hee on day one she barked a few times and the beep started. She barked a little softer but still too loud to be acceptable so it went ti the shake mode (it beeps 3 times then goes to the shake mode). That did it. The barking STOPPED!! When she was ready to come in she came close to the back door and made a short, low pitched bark, paused and did it once more. I waited to see what he would do if I didn’t run right to the door and he waited a bit and tried his two low barks again. I think it takes 3 violations in a certain amount of seconds and she figured that out. So I let her in, took the collar off and praised her and gave her a treat. She hasn’t even barked inside since that one day.
      The second day when I let her out I did put the collar on her to reinforce the training and she behaved the exact way as the first day and when she came back inside and o took it off she has not barked once. I don’t even have to keep it out where she can see it as a reminder. I think I will continue putting it on her when she goes outside fir a week and then stop. But it will be sinething good to take when traveling and such in case she gets excited and overactive because it’s a instant Beagle bark is very obnoxious and unwelcome.

      I’m so glad I chose this collar because it has been a life changer. I would definitely recommend it. It is worth every penny and more for my sanity.

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