Pet Dog Anti Bark Collar Electric Collar Waterproof Dog Training Rechargeable Dog Stop Barking Collar Pet Trainer

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This Pet Dog Anti Bark Collar is an intuitive system in a compact design for dogs sized 6 pounds and up. This affordable collar are waterproof and up to IPX7. Allowing your dog to enjoy the wettest situations at a distance of 3 football fields! With the system’s 5 levels of shock/vibration and standard tone, it’s ideal for reinforcing dog obedience around the house, backyard or lake.

  • Bark Stop Collar is Waterproof, with rechargeable Ni-MH battery.
  • The option have vibration warning prior to the stimulation Modes to ensure your dog learns to stop barking.
  • Dual activation avoids accidental triggering due to impact, vigorous head shaking and other dogs barking.
  • The Anti Bark Collar Suitable for Small / Medium / Large dogs and as small dogs 10lbs.
  • Vibration Mode (Level 1) warning prior to the stimulation. 4 intensity levels (2 to 5) for a wide variety of dispositions. 4 sensitivity levels adjustable for different dogs and environments.
  • Easy testing method to check the no bark collar. With Multi-Color LED Battery Life Indicator.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
    ABS + Hardware
    As Pictures Show
    Length is 65cm, it can adjustable from from 7.9″ (20cm) to 21.6″ (55cm)

    Receiver size : 6.5*3.5*3cm

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    2 reviews for Pet Dog Anti Bark Collar Electric Collar Waterproof Dog Training Rechargeable Dog Stop Barking Collar Pet Trainer

    1. Cindia

      We decided to purchase this collar for our 8-year-old rescue pup, who used to be super reactive to almost everything that moved: cars passing by, bike riders, or even leaves rustling. With the collar on she’s way calmer, like a whole new dog. Sometimes she forgets that she’s wearing the collar and barks, but the collar responds with a beep and a vibration, reminding her to calm down.

    2. Jami

      The collar has been effective so far and gets my dog’s attention. Not sure if she understands that it’s the barking that causes the vibration, but anyways it distracts her. I hope that she will soon associate the vibration with her barking and maybe we can train her not to bark just by showing the collar without actually putting it on her. But so far it truly works wonders!

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