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This Dog Anti Bark Collar features an automatic protection mode, if your dog barks more than 7 times in 1 will enter sleep mode for 1 minute to protect your dogs. Press any button to allow the product to re-enter active mode. The bark collar will return to active mode after being in automatic protection mode for 1 minute.

  • Upgraded version no bark collar using newest Intelligent Anti-injury Chip. Safely and effectively filter other unrelated sounds and prevent false triggering. Only your dog’s barking can activate the no bark collar while other dogs’ barking nearby can’t trigger it. The no-bark collar can be more humane and less sensitive.
  • Adjustable 4 levels digital display screen and 3 modes-beep/vibration/shock ,adjustable 0/L/M/H levels for vibration and shock ,It’s different from other LCD screens-More power saving, more durable and bigger and the screen will not be blocked by dog hair. The shock is optional and is activated only if you choose so in the device’s settings.
  • High-quality nylon strap with reflective stripes is easily adjustable anti bark collar length from 6.5 to 20cm, fits 10-90lbs dogs, the no barking collar works for almost any breeds (small, medium and large dogs). Make sure the strap fits your dog tightly but not make it uncomfortable.

  • Each barking collar contains built-in 500mAh USB rechargeable battery and the eco-friendly rechargeable battery helps save energy. Solid and lightweight construction is great for indoor and outdoor use even in wet or rainy days, the IPX7 waterproof design can let your dog run wantonly in the rain.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
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    As Pictures Show

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