Pet Dog Anti Bark Collar Dog Training Collar No Barking Upgrade 7 Sensitivity USB Rechargeable Waterproof Shock Collar

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This Anti Bark Collar features a digital display screen with 4 adjustable levels and 3 modes: beep, vibration, and shock. The vibration and shock levels can be adjusted among 0/L/M/H. The display screen is more power-saving, durable, and unobstructed by dog hair. Shock is optional and is only activated if selected in the device’s settings.

  • Intelligent Anti-injury Chip: The upgraded version employs a new Intelligent Anti-injury Chip. This chip filters out unrelated sounds, preventing false triggering. Only your dog’s barking can activate the collar, making it more humane and less sensitive to other dogs’ barking nearby.

  • Nylon Belt for All Dog Sizes: The high-quality nylon strap with reflective stripes can easily adjust to fit neck lengths from 6.5 to 20cm. The collar suits dogs weighing 10-90lbs and accommodates various breeds, from small to large. The strap should fit snugly without causing discomfort.
  • Automatic and Safety Mode: The built-in no-bark receiver features an automatic protection mode. If your dog barks more than 7 times in 1 minute, the collar enters a 1-minute sleep mode to protect your pet. Pressing any button reactivates the collar. After being in automatic protection mode for 1 minute, the collar returns to active mode.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
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    As Pictures Show

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    1 review for Pet Dog Anti Bark Collar Dog Training Collar No Barking Upgrade 7 Sensitivity USB Rechargeable Waterproof Shock Collar

    1. Lilah

      So, I have 3 Doodles. They are Mom and Dad and their one year old puppy. Dad has started this horrific behavior of non stop deep loud barking at ANYTHING out the front window. We live on a corner, so he has twice the fun and targets. I have begged, pleaded, positive reinforcement, discipline, everything imaginable. I was getting quite certain that I was going to have a heart attack. So apologies to all the shock collar haters out there, but I’ve owned this collar for 3 hours, and.we are DONE!!! And no heart attack for me. Mom and son take their cues from Dad, so there was no need whatsoever to put the collars on the 2 of them. So I eventually set it for all 3, the sound, vibration and shock feature and set intensity at a 4. Ok, so yes, I was holding a grudge against him for all of his unstoppable barking episodes. When I first tried just the sound option, he thought I was an idiot, and that I had lost the battle. Switched it to all 3 and game over. Dog zero human nothing but TDs!!! It got him once and that was it!!! He couldn’t believe what happened and I have a polite, quiet boy, ever since. Game Changer!!!!!!!! I’ve turned it back down to sound and vibration only, and we have made a great deal, no more ear piercing, heart attack stress level barking, just a dog being a good boy, and a good example to his wife and child.

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