1500ft 2 ln 1 Auto Anti Bark Collar, Remote Dog Training Collar, Dog Stop Shock Collar, Waterproof Rechargeable Pet Training Collar

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Product details:

This Auto Anti Bark Collar is the perfect solution for addressing your dog’s barking behavior. And it offers multiple training modes, including gentle beep, shock and vibration. It also has effective Anti-Bark Function. It helps train your dog to understand when barking is unwanted, leading to improved behavior and a quieter environment.

Extended Remote Coverage:

With an impressive coverage range of approximately 1500ft, the remote control offers flexibility in training your dog across various environments. This extended each allows you to train your dog in large open spaces, parks, or even within the confines of your home without any limitations.

IPX6 Water Resistance:

The collar unit is designed to be waterproof, providing protection against light rain or accidental splashes. This feature allows your dog to remain active in outdoor settings. You can confidently engage in outdoor activities with your dog, knowing that the collar can withstand exposure to water

Long Standby Time:

The Dog Training Collar is equipped with a high-efficiency lithium battery, enabling quick charging in just 2 hours. The receiver, once fully charged, can last up to 7 days, while the remote control boasts an impressive standby time of approximately 15 days. With such prolonged battery life, you can enjoy uninterrupted training sessions with your dog, eliminating the need for frequent recharging.

Easy Handling and Convenience:

This system is easy to operate and manage. The remote’s controls and clear display allow you to customize settings, enabling effective communication with your dog. The system’s easy handling ensures that training sessions are enjoyable and productive for both pet owners and their beloved dogs.

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5 reviews for 1500ft 2 ln 1 Auto Anti Bark Collar, Remote Dog Training Collar, Dog Stop Shock Collar, Waterproof Rechargeable Pet Training Collar

  1. Shastastan

    We bought this item in hopes of correcting our dog’s serious behavior problem. We rescued a feral dog from a shelter in January. She’s a medium size, part terrier, and approximately 2 years old She’s smart and very loving. We don’t know how long she was living feral in the woods. Her most major problem is aggressive behavior toward other dogs on a leash. When she spots one, even a block away, she immediately goes into attack mode until she no longer sees the other dog. Another problem is that she pulls constantly on the leash and she’s very strong. We read the reviews of this product and gained new hope that we could possibly train her out of these problems.
    As noted by some, this training device is a game changer. We read and followed the directions. They are a decent size to read and highly recommended. We started with the buzzer when she pulls on the leash and only went to the vibration a couple of times before she responded to the buzzer. For leash pulling, we now only need to use the buzzer a couple of times on a walk. When she spotted a dog, we had to use all 3 device modes . The shocker (set at 6) got her attention. I had tested that setting on my arm to make sure it is safe for her. We’ve only used it twice and recently not at all because the buzzer works to keep her calm and sitting. We haven’t even had this trainer for 2 weeks yet and we’ve achieved the results we were hoping for. We are old geezers and very thankful for these results. We tried to find a dog obedience trainer with no luck. My wife was very much against getting this trainer, but now is very glad that we did. It’s worth every penny. We will continue to use it until we are totally sure that the training is permanent.

  2. Victoria

    I like this collar and it works well for my dog. The beep and vibration option is great vs just having the static one other collars have. Just using beep and vibration a few times was enough to get my dog to behave, and now just the beep works in most situations.
    It’s really helpful that there are two different length contacts and the charger has 2 ends so you can charge the remote and collar at the same time.
    This collar is great!

  3. Peterson

    TWO MONTHS OF USE… UPDATED REVIEW: This collar has been fantastic, I have the dog I wanted – she gets to run free be a dog. She has encountered DEER, RABBITS, DOGS w/Humans walking deer trails. She will sit down and wait for me to tell her what to do – before she would go into predator mode. I think she’s had MAYBE 12 shocks, all in the first few days and 2 were mistakes on my part. She used to be a runner, she would take off if loose. On the leash she used to pull hard the entire walk no matter what collar/harness I used – until we got this collar. She LOVES the collar and runs to be when I pick up the collar.

    She gets to be loose with the German Shepherds now, because is listens to commands and knows what she can/can’t do.

    I RECOMMEND THIS COLLAR TO EVERY DOG WALKER I KNOW!!! There was an issue that I contacted the manufacturer about and they were very responsive and helpful! Stop looking at collars and reviews, BUY THIS COLLAR you will not regret it. See the pics and video in this review. SHE GETS TO RUN LOOSE and have fun, she can sit in the yard with the big dogs loose. BREAKING MY WRIST because she pulled me down was the reason I bought this collar and the change in this dog since I got her the collar has been AMAZING. She is a totally different dog, VERY HAPPY and she gets to do things she never could before!

  4. Sara

    I have 3 dogs and a busy park directly behind my house. There are always people on the playground and sports events held in the field making the barking incessant. My youngest dog is 7 months old and if she sees other dogs or people coming up to the fence she will bark like crazy but not with this collar. My most senior dog of 8 years does the same thing but luckily they both hate the beep frequency. I haven’t tried the shock feature and probably never will because I don’t need it but the vibration works too. I set the beep and vibration feature to go off simultaneously, and it worked the first time they barked with it on. I then eliminated the vibration and it is just as effective with just the beep frequency. I have another shock collar with the same 3 features, I still only use the beep, but the fact that I don’t need a remote is the game changer. The battery life on this thing is insane too. I feel like I never have to charge it and I forget to turn it off all the time when it’s not on the dogs. I have the collar set to 5 which is the most sensitive setting.

  5. Sidney

    I recently purchased the Shocking Collar to assist with training my beloved canine companion, and I must say that I’m thoroughly impressed with its performance. The Shocking Collar has proven to be an effective tool in enhancing the training experience for both me and my dog. Here’s why I believe it deserves a five-star rating.

    Firstly, the collar is well-designed and sturdy, ensuring durability and longevity. The materials used are of high quality, providing a comfortable and secure fit for my dog without causing any discomfort or irritation. Its adjustable straps allow for a customized fit, accommodating dogs of various sizes.

    The standout feature of this collar is its effectiveness in training. The adjustable shock levels allow me to tailor the intensity of the correction to suit my dog’s individual needs. I found the gentle stimulation to be an attention-grabbing deterrent that quickly redirects my dog’s behavior in a safe and controlled manner. It has been particularly useful in addressing issues such as excessive barking, running off, and jumping on furniture.

    Furthermore, the Shocking Collar features additional modes such as vibration and audible signals, providing versatility in training approaches. This allows for a progressive training experience, gradually transitioning away from the need for any stimulation.

    It’s worth mentioning that the Shocking Collar also boasts a long-lasting battery life, so frequent recharging is not a concern. The collar’s waterproof design ensures its functionality even during outdoor activities or unexpected weather conditions. My dog enjoys a nice bath in mud puddles haha

    In conclusion, the Shocking Collar has exceeded my expectations as a training aid for my dog. Its durability, effectiveness, range, and versatility make it a standout product. While it’s important to remember that positive reinforcement and other training methods should always be prioritized, the Shocking Collar serves as a valuable tool for reinforcing desired behaviors and correcting unwanted ones. I highly recommend it to fellow dog owners who are seeking an efficient and reliable training solution.

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