Military Tactical Dog Collar Nylon Medium Large Dog Collars For Walking Training Durable Dog Collars


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This Military Tactical Dog Collar is designed with a soft inner padding that enhances your dog’s comfort and prevents chafing. The material is both skin-friendly and soft, ensuring that your dog experiences no discomfort while wearing it.

  • Time-Saving: The quick-release buckle is made from high-quality metal, providing greater durability compared to other buckles. The collar’s length can be easily adjusted, allowing for effortless on/off actions. This feature significantly saves time during daily use.
  • Wash Care: For small to medium dog collars with metal hardware, you recommend hand washing and laying flat to dry. In cases of machine washing, using cold water on the gentle mode is advised. When using a washing machine, it’s recommended to place the collar in a laundry bag or pillowcase to prevent potential scratching of the metal.
  • Easy to Don and Adjust: The collar is easy to put on and take off, offering convenience for both you and your dog. The collar features Velcro that can be adjusted to achieve the right fit for your dog’s neck. The collar’s design ensures that it’s not too long to cause discomfort for your dog.

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