Nylon Dog Harness Leash Army Green High Quality Dog Harness Leash Set For Medium Large Dogs Strong Sturdy Adjustable Pet Collar Leash Product


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This Nylon Dog Harness Leash allows for quick and easy length adjustments without needing to disconnect it. This feature helps minimize tangles and fumbling while making changes in the field.

  • The Nylon Dog Harness Leash constructed with high-quality materials to prevent tangles and chafing. The use of premium heavy-duty chafe-resistant nylon webbing and high-impact polymer composite parts further enhances its quality.
  • The leash features a stationary ring on the handle, which is likely used for looping the leash around a stationary object or for temporary restraint. Additionally, there is an adjustable sliding ring that allows you to change the length of the leash for different situations.
  • The colors of the leash are designed not to fade or wear out over time. This indicates that the leash is made with high-quality materials and dyes that maintain their vibrancy through regular use and cleaning.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
    As Pictures Show
    Leash: 120cm

    Harness: 40~60cm

    Width: 2.5cm

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