Hands Free Dog Leash Elastic Belt Lead Sports Jogging Walking Pet Collar Rope Waist Dog Leash Set


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This Hands Free Dog Leash is designed to be soft and smooth, offering a comfortable experience for both you and your dog. With hands-free capabilities, you can run freely and enjoy quality time with your pet.

  • The adjustable waist belt ensures a secure and comfortable fit, accommodating waist sizes between 31.5 to 39.37 inches. This allows you to focus on your run without any distractions.
    The leash features an elastic design, providing your dog with extra freedom to move while you maintain control. With a normal length of 51.2 inches, it can stretch to 70 inches, allowing your dog to explore comfortably.

  • Stay safe during night runs with the reflective strip on the waist belt. This added feature enhances visibility, ensuring a safe and enjoyable running experience for both you and your dog.
  • Our Hands-Free Dog Leash includes a drinking holder and treats holder, allowing you to carry your essentials effortlessly. Whether it’s a water bottle, keys, or dog treats, you’ll have everything you need within reach.

  • Pet:
    As Pictures Show
    Waist Belt Perimeter: Approx. 80~100cm / 31.5~39.37in
    Leash Length Range: Approx. 130~180cm / 51.2~70.86in
    Drinking Holder Size: 7 * 11cm / 2.76 * 4.33in (D * H)
    Treats Bag Size: 12.5 * 9 * 4.5cm / 4.92 * 3.54 * 1.77in
    Package Size: 25 * 16 * 4cm / 9.84 * 6.3 * 1.57in
    Package Weight: 213g / 7.51oz

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