Pet Dog Cat Collar Leash Buckle Rhinestone Bling Crystal Bow Adjustable Soft Suede Bow Leather High Quality


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Elevate your pet’s style with our Rhinestone Bow Pet Collar and Leash Set. This exquisite accessory is designed to not only add a touch of elegance to your furry friend but also ensure their comfort and safety during walks and outings.

  • The centerpiece of this collar and leash set is the dazzling rhinestone bow. Carefully crafted with precision, it sparkles and shimmers, making your pet the star of every walk. The bow is securely attached, so you never have to worry about it falling off. We believe in providing the best for your beloved pet.
  • Every pet is unique, which is why our collar is fully adjustable. Ensure a perfect fit for your furry friend, no matter their size or breed. The buckle closure is secure and easy to fasten, allowing you to get your pet ready for their walk in no time.

  • With the attached leash, you’ll have full control during your pet’s outdoor adventures. Keep them safe and by your side while they explore the world around them. The sturdy design ensures that your pet stays secure.
  • Our Rhinestone Bow Pet Collar and Leash Set isn’t just for walks; it’s a fashion statement. Whether you’re attending special events, holidays, or simply want your pet to stand out during daily outings, this set is the perfect choice.

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    Dog, Cat
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