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This Adjustable Pet Dog Bow Tie can be easily adjusted. This feature makes them suitable for small, medium, and large dogs, as well as adult cats, both male and female.

  • Easy to Use: Each pet bow tie comes with a buckle, allowing for easy closure and adjustment. This convenience saves you time when putting the bow tie on your pet. Moreover, the firm push-pull buckle ensures that the dog bow ties are fastened securely, reducing the chances of them falling off during wear.
  • Comfortable Material: The pet bow ties are made of durable material, which is soft, non-allergenic, and ultralight. This ensures that your pets can wear them comfortably without feeling burdened. Additionally, the material is resistant to bites and not easily torn or broken, ensuring their longevity.
  • Best Pet Gift: This pet bow ties are suitable for various occasions, such as outdoor walking, gatherings, birthday parties, weddings, competitions, Halloween, and Christmas celebrations. They can also serve as a delightful accessory for taking pictures of your pets, making them look even cuter and more outstanding.
  • Attention: Before making a purchase, please measure your lovely pet’s neck circumference to ensure that the dog bowties will fit properly. Leave about 2 fingers of space between the bow tie and your pet’s neck to ensure a comfortable fit and prevent any tightness or the risk of your pet biting the bow ties. This precaution ensures that your pets will feel at ease while wearing the bow tie.

  • Pet:
    As Pictures Show
    Length of the necklace :25~40CM (adjustable)
    Bow length: 10CM width: 6CM

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