2 In 1 Pet Cat Water Fountain With Food And Water Dispenser: Feeding And Drinking Tool 1.5L

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This 2 in 1 pet cat water fountain with cat bowl is an excellent choice for pet owners seeking a practical and thoughtful solution to ensure their pets have access to fresh and filtered water at all times. Its design and features cater to both the hydration and dietary needs of pets, making it a valuable addition to any pet owner’s home.

  • 2 in 1 Large Capacity: The water fountain comes with a 1.5L large capacity water storage tank and a 1.5L grain storage tank. This integrated design serves as both a pet fountain and a food bowl, providing a comprehensive solution for your pet’s diet and hydration needs. It is especially useful for short periods of travel when the owner is away.
  • Low Consumption Smart Pump: The water fountain is equipped with an ultra-silent pump that operates at a noise level below 30dB, ensuring a peaceful environment for both pets and owners. The pump also has low energy consumption, which contributes to its longevity and better overall quality. Regular cleaning of the pump is advised every two weeks to maintain its efficiency.
  • Pet Fountain with Smart LED Light: The cat fountain features a smart LED light that serves as a water level indicator. When the water level falls below the lowest mark, the pump automatically shuts off, and the LED light turns red to prompt you to add more water. During normal operation, the LED light is white. This feature ensures the equipment’s safety and prevents damage when the water level is too low.

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    1 review for 2 In 1 Pet Cat Water Fountain With Food And Water Dispenser: Feeding And Drinking Tool 1.5L

    1. Tori

      My cat loves drinking from our sink, so I thought getting a water fountain for him was a good idea. He LOVES it! Still likes drinking from the sink but doesn’t demand it all the time now that he has this water bowl. It’s a cute design as well which is a huge plus!

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