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Product details:

This Car Front Seat Cover is suitable for accommodating dogs of all sizes, providing them with a secure and comfortable space during car rides.

  • Waterproof and Dirt-Resistant:
    The seat cover is designed with waterproof properties and is resistant to dirt, making it an effective barrier against spills, accidents, and pet-related messes.
  • PVC Waterproof Coating with High Waterproof Index:
    The seat cover features a PVC waterproof coating with a waterproof index of 10,000, ensuring a high level of water resistance. This makes it easy to clean the seat cover using a damp cloth.
  • Enhanced Pet Safety and Distraction-Free Driving:
    The seat cover is designed to keep your pet safe during travel, especially when driving, braking, or turning. It also prevents your pet from climbing into the front seats, reducing distractions for the driver and promoting a more comfortable driving experience.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
    Polyester oxford + PVC
    As Pictures Show
    106 * 47 cm

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