Interactive Cat Toy Automatic Rolling Motion Activated Ninja Tumbler Style Rotating Egg Timing Ball for Pet Cats Kit


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This Interactive Cat Toy has an automatic timer , it will running about 3 minutes after you turn it on and if there’s no any interaction, the toy will go into standby mode for 2 hours(It can be activated when it’s touched during standby mode.) then it will automatically running again, which stops your kitten from being addicted to the kitten teething toys, overstimulated or overtired from playing for too long.

  • Automatically Rolling : Press down the button to turn it on, our cute cat toy will roll quietly and emit red light to attract the kitten to chase and play with it. it can keep rolling and won’t fall down cause it’s a tumbler design
  • Reliable Durability: Made of ABS material with a smooth and wear-resistant surface, it won’t get damage by the cat claw. it works well when using on the hard floors, tile floors and thin carpets, but it might not roll well on thick carpets. better to use it without barrier around.
  • Cute and Design :The Ninja shape design looks fantastic, It is more attractive for your cats when the eyes of the cat toy lights can provides entertainment and exercise for your cat ,also enables them to stimulate hunting instincts

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    Blue, White, Pink
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