2 In 1 Pet Dog Wireless Fence Training Collar Outdoor Electric Pet Containment System Waterproof Reflective E Collar Harmless

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This Pet Dog Wireless Fence equipped with various features that allow the owner or trainer to communicate commands and corrections to the dog from a distance.

  • The collar can offer adjustable correction levels, which can range from mild vibrations or sound signals to stronger static corrections, helping to match the correction intensity to the dog’s temperament and responsiveness. In addition to correction signals, the collar might also provide positive reinforcement cues like beeping sounds or vibrations to reward the dog for good behavior.
  • The range of the remote control is an important factor. It dictates how far the owner/trainer can communicate with the dog. A longer range can be useful for training in larger outdoor spaces.
  • The wireless fence function aims to establish a virtual boundary around the designated area, and it ensures that the dog stays within the predefined limits. This can be particularly useful for keeping dogs safe in open areas without traditional physical fences.
  • The owner/trainer defines the boundaries of the containment area, usually by adjusting settings on a base unit or transmitter. These boundaries are typically represented as circular zones. The dog wears a collar that is equipped with a receiver capable of detecting the boundaries. When the dog approaches the established boundary, and the collar can emit a warning signal, such as a beep or vibration.
  • The dog goes through a training phase to learn about the boundaries and the associated warnings or corrections. This training helps the dog associate the discomfort with the boundary, encouraging them to stay within safe limits, and the high-quality wireless fences typically have safety features that prevent over-correction or continuous correction if the dog gets trapped outside the boundary.

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    1 review for 2 In 1 Pet Dog Wireless Fence Training Collar Outdoor Electric Pet Containment System Waterproof Reflective E Collar Harmless

    1. Tory

      What shines through on this kit is that is portable. There are rechargeable batteries in the collar and home unit that you just plug in when needed. It of course works on hard line electrical too. Easy to assemble and install. The options that come with this kit allow you to customize it to your dog and your needs. Easy to bury the cable. The ground thanks to step by step instructions. Highly recommended.

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